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Trend Micro's promotion combines a viral video, social media & Domino the cat

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Here's a fun and entertaining promotional marketing campaign that web security firm, Trend Micro, has launched that so far they are claiming is a success. They are integrating social media marketing with the power of a sweepstakes giveway promotion to create awareness of their brand and drive people to their website. This is what I call a Social SweepsTM interactive promotion and a trend that has been getting more and more popular.

Trend Micro has also included an adorable cat as the star of their video, and we all know that animals in advertising works. Just watch the commercials during the Super Bowl and you will see plenty of our furry friends in the ads.

The campaign first starts with the viewing of their video which you can see here on YouTube. It's titled: COVERT CAT COMPROMISED BY ONLINE SECURITY MALFUNCTION. Here's the plot as described in their release:


"While prancing upon the keys of her owner’s PC, Domino the cat stumbled upon DateMyPet.com, and decided to do a search to find a new furry feline friend. While setting her search criteria (must have kitty litter, not allergic to meow-mix) she was viciously attacked by a major security virus and lots of spyware. Jumping off the keyboard, “Domino” became red in the cheeks while her owner came to the rescue to help solve the “catastrophe.” Windows began popping up everywhere and…*gasp*…dog online site."

The video also tell the viewers that they have a chance to win some great weekly prizes such as a $400 Amazon Gift Card, a Sony Playstation 3, an Asus Netbook, a Linksys Security Router or a Spa day at a spa by you. If chosen, the winner gets to pick which on the five prize selections they want.


To enter all they need to do is follow the link to the Trend Micro Facebook Page and become a fan which will automatically enter them in the Fearless Web Sweepstakes. Visitors can also share the video and post it to their Facebook Wall so that all their friends can see it and enter as well. Trend Micro currently has over 5,000 fans. Then of course there is also the option to follow Trend Micro on Twitter which gives another automatic entry into the sweepstakes. Trend Micro is announcing the weekly winners both on their Facebook page and their Twitter page.

Another way to gain additional entries is to download a free 30-day trial of their Internet Security Pro which is available off of their Trend Micro Facebook page. They also have a refer-a-friend feature which allows for up to 10 additional entries for giving them email addresses of your friends to pass this promotion on to.

So it appears that they've done a good job of covering all the options....YouTube viral video, Facebook page, Twitter page, free trial, choice of prizes (including a Day Spa to make sure they get the women interested) and a cute cat. One suggestion, I would have liked to have seen Domino the cat integrated more into the other online communications. Other than that it's the PURR-fect promotion. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself!


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