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My Excitement Wans

Eyes on the world Everyone is excited. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter, anyway. All the social media marketing gurus (or experts, or mavens or whatever they choose to call themselves) are "excited."

They're excited about some webinar they've got scheduled - and they think YOU should be excited, too!

They're excited about a webinar they just attended by another social media expert/guru who is well-known throughout the blogosphere. Which may or may not be "true." It's hard to tell if their excitement is manufactured or real. 

They're excited about the day, just because ... a PMA (positive mental attitude) is better than being in the doldrums.

Well, I'm not excited. I'm not energized. I'm not overflowing with enthusiasm. But, I'm not in the doldrums, either.

I'm just...being. Today I'm just being whatever I feel like being. I'm thankful for the day, and that it's Saturday, and that we're pretty well done with fixing up the house. I'm delighted that I can now turn my attention to reading and relaxing a bit, and getting back up to snuff on Twitter. And, to working on the "new" Lip-sticking.

But, when it comes to "excitement" - I'm saving my excitement for reality. In my reality, excitementTheatre masks isn't part of attending a webinar. Or, discovering someone I lost track of found me on Facebook.

Excitement is saved for true, heart-pounding, eye-brightening, blood-moving events.  Like meeting your favorite twitterer, or being accepted to graduate school, or watching your daughter give birth. Or, announcing your new website and having people twitter it for you. I could get excited about this event, if I were in Suffolk. But, I'm not.

Now, those are things to get excited about. Maybe being excited for excitement's sake is what turns you on, but I prefer to save my excitement for truly exciteful events.

This blog post is not one of them.


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Paula G

I am all for getting excited even about teleclasses and webinars, but here's the thing. Every blessed thing that crosses my email cannot possibly be THAT exciting. Everyone dons a cheerleading suit and pom-poms (even the guys) for every single event title, invite, and post. That's where it feels inauthentic. While I may get great benefit from your not all are worthy of true, bone-rattling excitement.


Your point really speaks to me, as I just went through a round of marketing education. It seems that the advice you get sometimes contradicts itself, even from the same author or speaker.

What happened to being consistent and building trust. Or is the whole point of making contradictions just to keep people coming back? If that's the case it doesn't do much to built my trust in them as an "expert." Seems to me that if you follow their advice then you will break the "trust" your readers or customers have with you.

For me, once these "experts" start contradicting themselves, I lose my interest in what they have to say. They've lost my trust.

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