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Rape is not a reportable crime to big business, apparently

Yvonne-DiVita We discuss women's issues here, in addition to social media advice, and marketing to women online. The issues I tackle are ones I consider too important to ignore, and this is one.

I hope all of my readers are acutely aware of the gang rape incident which happened to Jamie Leigh Jones while at her job at Halliburton/KBR... where she was not only assaulted in the worst way, but she was locked in a shipping container without food or water, for a full day - to PREVENT HER FROM REPORTING the attack.

Last week, Sen. Al Franken helped pass an anti-rape-lawsuit amendment essentially stating that the government, OUR government, will NOT do business with contractors who deny employees their right to sue over sexual assault allegations. This came from Jaime's bravery, once she was released from her job and had returned to the U.S., to open her mouth and speak about this atrocity.

If you're asking, WHY? WHY do we need this bill...why is reporting rape not acceptable? You are echoing a lot of other women's, and men's, voices. More amazingly... 

Here's the kicker - the amendment was passed - 68 -30. That's right, 30 senators voted against it. 30Rape-nuts-Jon-Stewart Republican senators (and you know what, I'd be writing this if they were Democrats - with more vehemence, but they weren't - they were Republicans and they were far more worried about Halliburton than about the horror this young woman went through - and the fact that her right to report it had been not only openly but physically, denied!).

I turn you over to Dory Devlin at the Yahoo! Shine network, where she asks, "How could righting something as clearly wrong as this prompt 'no' votes from members of any party?"

Indeed. For a good commentary on the issue, I offer Jon Stewart's "rape-nuts" rant from The Daily Show. He brings the story true focus, and leaves us (me) wondering what century I'm in.


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Lissa Boles

Absolutely mind-blowing that 30 public servants would dare vote this way - but then again...

Thanks for the post.

Michele Miller

This leaves me speechless. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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