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Many of you may know that thanks in LARGE part to Natalie MacNeil, last week, I was named by Forbes as one of the top 30 women to follow on Twitter. You also may know that I'm not big into "lists", however I was humbled to be mentioned on that list with other women who are doing remarkable things. I've always been successful in business, but being the introvert that I am has kept me... Read more →

Short and sweet today. We're here, in our new home in CO. We are moving between boxes, scratching our heads, wondering, "Where did I put that?" and waiting for the final arrival of the rest of our 'stuff.' There is much to be thankful for this year. We have you,... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Well on this Thanksgiving Day Eve I am thankful for many, many things this year. But have to admit that at the moment I am really thankful for my husband who got me a new computer monitor today. Ever since last weekend... Read more →

Last week, I had a bear of a time paying our Verizon bill for our landline service (no we haven't gone to VoIP yet, that's another post for another time). I was trying to pay the bill via their website, but their online interface wasn't working. I was getting some sort of system error message. The whole time I'm on the phone, I'm Twittering... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Yesterday I helped plan and execute a breakfast event for RAMA, our local Rochester chapter of the AMA (American Marketing Association). Our speaker was David Berkowitz who came to share his insights on ways to measure social media. This is a question... Read more →

Last week, on November 8th at 12:26pm, I received a voice mail from Michelle Christie representing a group of local women who were getting together having some sort of event. They called themselves Motivators & Creators and they were having a Women's Expo on November 23rd, at a local hotel and wanted my help promoting the event. Here's where Michelle went SERIOUSLY wrong: Read more →

Raise your hand if you: a. are over 50. b. are happily single; c. weren't born a female; d. aren't a mother; e. aren't heterosexual; f. some combo of a-e. Oops! You're invisible (right along with me and most of my friends.) By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter I've... Read more →