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A Happy Thanksgiving Wish for All

Being Thankful for Social Media on this Thanksgiving Eve

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

TurkeyLOWell on this Thanksgiving Day Eve I am thankful for many, many things this year. But have to admit that at the moment I am really thankful for my husband who got me a new computer monitor today. Ever since last weekend my old monitor had been just shutting off on me. It seemed to happen when it went to screen saver. So I changed the settings and it seemed to help for awhile, but just continued to get worse.

My husband happened to be home since he took a few vacation days and was tired of my complaining. So he found a great deal on Craig's List and ran out to grab it before it was gone. Now I have this wonderful 24" LG monitor that is so much bigger than the little screen I got from Dell when I bought the computer 4 years ago. Plus the color is so much more vibrant. I just love it.

Which brings me to the realization that over this past year I have spent a great deal of time in my home office at this computer. I am incredibly thankful that social media is now such a big part of my life. I have learned so much while sitting at this computer just over the past year. Because of social media I have made local, national and global connections and have engaged in so many conversations. I have attended dozens of webinars, listened to many podcasts and viewed some great presentations on Slide Share. All of this education I received mostly for free.

I am thankful to be engaged with some of the people that I consider to be at the forefront of this changing media landscape and am excited to be part of the "revolution". I got started which social media when I launched my blog almost three years ago. Now my involvement on Twitter and Facebook has enabled me to spread my blog posts to a wider audience and share my knowledge and the conversation with many others.

I am extremely thankful for what social media has done for my career. By actually participating in the various social media platforms and creating a community online it has allowed me reinvent myself. I now combine my years of experience in promotional marketing with today's new media to help guide marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Without the strength and support of my social network I may have not taken this path and the risk that's involved in having your own business.

From a more personal note I am so thankful that my husband and I have raised two daughters that have grown up to be really fine young women. Both of them are in college this year and Facebook has helped to keep us connected. I'm thankful that they are both comfortable enough with having their mom as one of their "friends" as long as I keep my promise not to embarrass them on their wall. Which I believe I have.

Also on Facebook I'm so grateful that it allows me to stay connected with my sister who moved down south a few years ago. We're still trying to convince the "other sister" to join the network. Maybe this coming year since she moved down south as well. It's wonderful to be able to share our everyday lives with friends, family and close associates through simple status updates. To wish people a happy birthday or anniversary and congratulate them on a recent achievement is really priceless. I've never been good at remembering to send cards! Just ask my mom and sisters.

Now for Twitter. It's a great tool for quick, short conversations, to thank and acknowledge someone, to share articles and knowledge with people all over the world. The real-time function of the tool is so unlike any other we've experienced in our lifetime. I was one of the many who all cried our eyes out together watching the final episode last year of Gray's Anatomy and shared through our tweets. I also was one who got to view photos coming out of Iran that you wouldn't see anywhere else. Not to sound boastful, but I am thankful that I'm one of those that "get it" when it comes to Twitter which is a result of putting in the time to learn it.

I'm also very grateful for all those in my social network who have prayed for my mother who has been battling cancer this past year. I've written about my mom in several blog posts and people are able to follow her progress through my updates and tweets when I've been back to visit her. Mom doesn't quite get this social media thing, but she is grateful when I tell her my friends have been praying for her.

Now my thanks wouldn't be complete without saying how grateful I am to Yvonne and her partner Tom for getting me involved into this wonderful world known as the blogosphere. They helped me launch my blog and have continued to give me guidance along the way. I was very thankful when I read the previous post on this blog Yvonne wrote yesterday saying that they had arrived in their new home in Colorado safely. I will miss them being down the road, but know that we will stay forever connected through the Internet and this thing we call social media. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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