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Traveling from South Carolina to Chicago...Covering PMA's Annual Marketing Law Conference

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

The last couple of days I've spent in Myrtle Beach, SC visiting my parents who moved down here about three years ago from New York. My mom's been battling breast cancer which spread to her lungs, so it's been rough on her and my dad, especially the last couple of months. She seems to be improving from an infection she caught a month ago. That's the thing with cancer, it doesn't always kill you. But once you have it any little thing your body catches can.

Anyhow, I've been trying to talk them into hooking up the old computer that all us kids bought them years ago so that we can stay connected online. Last time they hooked it up they used the old telephone modem, so I explained to them how times have changed and they don't need to tie-up their phone line anymore.

We called the local Time Warner Cable company to try and get some prices and info for them and it was so confusing. After waiting on hold for a very long time we finally spoke to someone who gave us way too many options. Do you want the combination package with Internet and cable, or how about adding the phone to the package? For just Internet, what speed to you want? They offered us 5 different prices for different speeds. It shouldn't be so difficult!

I was also trying to explain to my mom what I do for a living now. She still doesn't quite understand since I don't go to an office and work for someone else. We had a discussion about social media, but she has a hard time grasping it. Hard to explain to someone who doesn't even use email I guess. She's listens to my sister and I talk about "I posted it on Facebook", so I showed her a few pages, but she really wasn't very interested.

So, I'm heading out soon and flying to Chicago from here to attend a two-day conference that starts tomorrow. It's PMA's annual Promotion Marketing Law Conference  which this year's theme is "Staying Connected @ The Speed of Change which is taking place at the Fairmont Hotel. The PMA, Association for Integrated Marketing has again invited me back as a guest blogger, or member of the press as it is also referred to. I thought I'd better disclose that right up front.

The timing could not be more perfect for this conference this year because of all the headlines the FTC has recently been making regarding the new impending social media endorsement guidelines which focus on bloggers. David Vladeck, the FTC Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, will be giving a keynote session which hopefully he'll help guide us through all these new regulations. Rosemary Harold, Legal Advisor to FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell will join Bob Corn-Revere, a former in house attorney for and expert on the FCC who will also address the audience.

Overall there will be 100 speakers and 40 plus main sessions that include professionals from major brands such as AT&T, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Facebook, Google, GE, General Mills, Hanes, McDonald's, Microsoft, P&G, Tommy Hilfiger, T-Mobile, VISA and more. I'm also looking forward to the invaluable networking opportunities and catching up with many people that I've know for years in this business and of course meeting some new ones.

So anyone that is planning on being there, please look me up. I'll be writing more about the conference on my blog, Donna's Promo Talk as well as updates on Twitter. So stay tuned, it should be very interesting.


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