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On the road to Colorado

Yvonne-trans OMG! OMG! OMG! WE'RE OFF! Today starts our week long road trip to Colorado. We'll be living near one daughter and one granddaughter (have two of the first but only one of the second). Will try to post and send pics, via the phone as we go along.

Many of you know that I have a 17 year old kitty (the Wabby Wibby, herself) who will be riding in the back andProofing_my_blog_post wailing all the way, methinks! She is already confused (and much displeased) over the interruption in her life as we pack everything away and empty the house.

Stay tuned for news from the road. And many bits of whining as we will arrive in our new home a full week AHEAD of the furniture!!!

We are using Wag World as our resource for pet friendly hotels to stop in, along the way.

Today we head to Buffalo for a last visit with daughter #2, and then on Wed. off to Chicago.

And we go. To the mountains!


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Best of luck for a smooth road trip to Colorado. Your kitty is beautiful, and I hope she doesn't detest the ride too much. I hear Colorado is beautiful So wonderful you'll be near your granddaughter. Often wish my mom and dad lived closer for the kids; they're in Missouri. Keep us posted on your adventure, Yvonne!


Congrats on traveling with your cat! If you need an alternative source of pet travel information, we have actual pet policies on our web site (so you don't have to call the hotels).

Good luck!

Paula G

Safe travels & may the meowing and howling be kept to a minimum (I know the chorus I get from my 2 and that's just a 10 minute ride to the v-e-t.

Lena L. West

Bon voyage, Yvonne! Please Tweet often and send pictures. Safe travels to you and

Michele Miller

Very excited for you and Tom, Yvonne! A wonderful new chapter in your life. Safe travels!

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