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Stop the truck, I wanna get off!

Yvonne-trans I can't believe it. We did it! We managed, with great difficulty, at times, to make it all the way from Rochester, NY to Frederick, CO...and we love our new home!

I could write a whole month's worth of posts about preparing for the trip - that was a lesson in... being the Three Stooges, I think. Yes, we had a plan. But, like all plans, it resisted our efforts to make it work. And yet, we packed (and at one point UNpacked) several trucks...and drove to Colorado, kitty in her carrier between us. Bumping along like pioneers - ok, not pioneers, they probably clumped along behind their horses at 20 mph, while we were hitting the 60s almost all the way. And, they had it way more uncomfortable than we did.

The trip was a treasure. Not one I care to repeat anytime soon, or even, anytime at all. But, it's an experience we will never have again, and we are so thankful that for the most part we had great weather, stopped at great truck stops, and did NOT have a problem with the Queen Kitty, the Wabby Wibby. We saw states I would never otherwise have visited (though we didn't have time to do any site-Pandora-all-wide-eyed seeing; more's the pity there).

Poor Tom picked up a cold along the way, and I will admit that my old bones did not care for the bad shocks in the truck (felt like no shocks at all!), and yet, we want Uhaul to know that we are not only satisfied customers, we're proud to say we would recommend Uhaul. The customer service we received from them was over the top, and I am sure the bouncing of the truck is just a truck thing. For the most part, the truck was pretty comfortable.

Mind you, there was only one cup holder (although the cab was set to hold 3 people - lucky for us as the kitty sat in her carrier between myself and Tom), and there was no glove compartment to put maps and things in. And, no room behind the seats for snacks. I don't know if that's an engineer thing, or if it's just cheaper and easier to make the trucks without those comforts. But, those are "creature comforts" and not all that important in the greater scheme of things. If we'd been looking for comfort, we'd have rented a limo - and gone broke!

On the opposite side, there was plenty of leg room, and even though the truck was noisy, it handled well (at least, for Tom... I did not even attempt to drive it; not with our car being pulled behind us!). We ended up renting this truck in a pinch, btw, and the folks at Uhaul in Henrietta were so accommodating and helpful, it took a lot of the worry away. Worry about how to actually fit everything we own into our lives here in CO, rather than leave a lot of it behind, in Greece, NY. Yes, at one point that was a consideration. If we ever meet in person, ask me to tell you that story. It's a keeper.White-rabbit-inn

I'm sorry I didn't tweet or post as I meant to. The truck was so bumpy, I could barely get a few important emails out via my phone. And, the two places we stayed had spotty Internet (besides, by the time we got to the stops for the night, we were exhausted! no energy left to do anything but feed kitty and ourselves, then off to sleep...and up early the next day to press onward). I do have to mention the White Rabbit Inn because it was so beautiful and AJ, our B&B friend, gave us the best suite! Even the Wabby loved it. She thought we should live there!

We're here. We're a bit rested. We have a lot of unpacking to do...and two PODS have not even arrived yet!

Life goes on. At our end, life is good. We are thrilled to be here, thrilled to have our 'puters up and working, and eager to get back to the work at hand. And, just so you know, I missed all ya all! Thanks for the good wishes.

More outstanding, exciting, fabulous news to come - plans for 2010 are over the top already! 

Have a fabulous Turkey Day! I will be feasting with my daughter and granddaughter. What a grand country we live in!


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Mary Schmidt

Welcome to the west! You'll have to make your way down to NM one of these days for a visit (once you've rested up and unpacked.)

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