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A Lip-sticking Podcast with Melanie Notkin

Yvonne-trans This Lip-sticking podcast is with Melanie Notkin of Savvy Auntie, a smart, talented, and well-connected women who happens to be a PANK: Professional Aunt, No Kids. We were both on the Maria Shriver blogger call a couple of weeks ago, and we both came away shaking our heads.

For me, the Shriver Report was more about how the celebrities of the world could help the poor Moms of the world, and less about the "women's nation" Maria touted. For Melanie, the Shriver Report left out a large faction of women - the PANKs, who make up almost 50% of the female population in this country.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to our discussion - because it's not about me or Melanie, or even Maria Shriver. It's about women, all women, and how we need to combine our voices to make things happen. It's about non-Moms, Moms, and even GrandMoms. It's about lifting women's voices beyond the stats in any report and showing the world that we understand the need for "labels" but we would prefer marketers and politicians and brands approach us openly, with questions that take the time to understand us.

This podcast conversation is about including - you, me, Melanie, our sisters, Aunts, brothers, Dads, Uncles, daughters - you name it. It's a conversation we hope you'll continue on your blogs and on Twitter.


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Stephanie Baffone

Hi Yvonne-
Great podcast with Melanie. I write for Savvy Auntie. I am the love and loss expert. She is a dynamo!
I echo everything you both said. I am a married woman, w/o chidren, not by choice. Years of unsuccessful infertility treatments left us broken hearted. But with 38 nieces and nephews b/w the two of us, we aren't without loving children around us.
Loved this podcast. We childless women need to be counted.
All the best,

Pixie Stevenson

I understand what you & Melanie are saying. My question, "Is your energy & time better spent in pushing against Maria Shriver than it is in creating your own powerful "women's movement"?

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