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Iams Home 4 The Holidays & Hilary Swank Aim To Place 1.5 Million Pets Into Homes This Holiday Season!

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Last week I started my annual blogging related to holiday promotions with this post about the Sephora Claus Twitter promotion. So as promised I'm continuing with the holiday theme, however, the program I'm blogging about this week takes on a much more serious tone. Iams is back with their Home 4 the Holidays (IH4TH) program and needs help to place 1.5 million pets into loving homes by January 4, 2010! With many pet lovers as readers here I thought this would be a great place to spread the word.

IH4THlogoLast year, the program’s goal of helping 1 million pets get adopted within three months was outdone when 1,202,701 pets were placed in homes — including Rumi, adopted by two-time Academy Award® winner and 2009 IH4TH ambassador Hilary Swank. You can watch an appearance of Hilary Swank on Ellen speaking about the program here on YouTube.

With nearly 8 million homeless animals in the U.S. today, and almost half scheduled to be euthanized this year alone, the program is needing everyone's help now more than ever. In partnership with the Helen Woodward Animal Center, IH4TH is one of the most successful pet adoption programs in the world and brings together nearly 3,500 animal organizations worldwide. Since 1999, IH4TH has helped more than 3 million animals find homes and hopes to continue breaking the goals they set each year. You can visit them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

With the Feed Pets in Need program, Iams is offering to bring much needed food to Home 4 the Holidays participating shelters by asking visitors to IH4TH.COM to simply cast a vote. Each month, for the next 13 months, the shelter with the most votes gets a month’s supply of free food!

Iams is also sponsoring the Life's Better Sweepstakes which is giving away thousands of prizes to help pets get the most out of life. Part of the promotion includes a $10,000 donation in Iams food to the Home 4 the Holidays participating shelter of the winner's choice.

So check it out and feel free to spread the word. This is a great way for a brand to raise awareness of themselves while giving back to the communities.


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Thank you so much for your support! I work at Iams and this event is part of our heart and soul!

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