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Left-handed Thinking

Yvonne-trans It's been said that left-handed people are the only ones in their right minds. As a left-hander, I like to quote that and chuckle about it with friends.

Truth is, being left-handed still has its myths and misconceptions. Some of those are that left-handed people are more creative. Or, more accident prone. Or, just not as "right" as right-handed people. Back in those ancient days of the mid-1950s, kindergarten teachers did their best to force left-handed kids to be right-handed. Yep, I was one of'em.

Today, I use my left-hand to write. That's it. I do everything else with my right hand. I eat with my right hand. I bowl (well, I used to bowl) with my right hand. I use scissors with my right hand (my daughter got me left-handed scissors once and I have never learned to use them!).

I guess that makes me ambidexterous, to a point. True ambidexterousness is rare. I can put make-upApplause-for-all on with either hand. I can write with my right hand, but it's barely legible. And I can do many things with my left-hand that I don't ... just because I'm used to using my right hand. But, I don't do these things as a matter of fact. I choose which hand to use, I don't willy-nilly reach for the carving knife with my left or right hand.

What's all this got to do with you and the advent of a new year? This: what misconceptions do you have about your work? Your clients? Your industry? The Internet Social Media? Life in general?

Are you looking at the coming year, fraught with opportunities to market to women online (studies are showing online shopping made a killing this year), as if it's a left-handed way of doing things? Are you stuck in the 1950s, trying to make everything fit the right-handed is best mold?

There is no "right" mold. There is no secure answer. There is no better way - based on myth and misconception. The right way, the better way, is the way that works. Lena can tell you whether or not social media is your answer, and which kind of social media. Donna can assist you in promotions and sweepstakes (a growing activity online, especially with women), and Mary can steer you away from the mistakes you might make if you aren't really paying attention to a world full of both right-and-left-handed people.

Me, I'm here to listen, watch, report, and support. Your success is my success. Come back tomorrow, January 1, 2010 and I'll have an announcement that will help you build a strong, powerful, interactive presence online - with all of us at Lip-sticking.


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My daughter is a leftie and I know she is the only one in her right mind. That's 'cuz she's the only one in her mind in the first place! LOL

But seriously, your post raises some interesting thoughts. I remember in art class we would have to draw using our "other" hand. The exersize was to show us that there is more than one way to see your subject. Life and business is the same way. When faced with a problem or situation I put my pencil in the other hand and doodle. Literally. It seems to free my mind enough to see the situation differently. It is quite freeing.

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