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Left-handed Thinking

Stop it! Just Stop it!

Yvonne-trans Stop waiting. Stop waiting for tomorrow or the next day. Stop waiting for the "next big thing". Stop waiting for that client to send that check. Just stop it!

We spend so much of our time waiting - for inconsequential things, that time passes like a hurricane force wind, and we wind up on the opposite side of where we want to be. Waiting is a useless task. Just stop it!

Instead, make sure you're moving into 2010 with a clear picture of who you are, what you want, and how to achieve success. There is no success, you understand, without innovation, and though some innovations are more apparent and successful than others... some are seemingly invisible, until you put them into action. Then, only then, can you see their power.

Ideas - that's what's at stake here. Ideas to do better, rise higher, be different, show strength. THINK about the companies that were innovative this year - this decade. How did they do it? Did they wait for the right moment? Did they pine afer great PR or mention on some wildly popular website? Or, did they just do it? Did they rise each day and hit the ground running...not in an attempt to keep ahead of the crowd, but in a passionate attempt to get to the goal they'd set for themselves?Think-big-manifesto-book

Ok, the DMV (dept of motor vehicles) might keep you waiting. Your bank might keep you waiting. Your clients might even keep you waiting. But, that's manageable time. Be active while waiting. Prepare for the wait by setting daily goals to accomplish things; little things, big things- phone calls, emails, blog posts, twitter posts, and most importantly, the things that you've identified as necessary to move your business forward. (making phone calls? cleaning out your filing cabinet? rearranging your office? all of that counts)

Forward - towards achievement. Forward - towards success. Forward - towards the results that will make 2010 a pivotal year for you. Think Big.

I know you can do it. I know you can stop waiting for tomorrow or next week. Stop waiting for the unknown and take charge. Do it today.


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bba india

The blog is amazing.good to see this post.Keep posting.

Dr Wright

Its perfect advice for 2010. Let's all move with a purpose!

Dr. Wright


Thank you for such wonderful motivation, Yvonne. I knew I could count on you! I'm planning good things for 2010 and will be totally reorganizing my office area this weekend in preparation.

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