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The Sephora Claus Holiday promotion on Twitter is granting a beauty wish a day

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Yvonne's last blog post is titled Ready...Set...Go! and while she was referring to 2010, I'm just starting to get into this year's holiday spirit. With Thanksgiving behind us and the calendar saying December, we are now full swing into the season. So what I normally blog about this time of year are some of the fun and unique holiday promotions I see online. So here we go...

Sephora has launched a promotion on Twitter that they're calling Sephora Claus who has come to town and taken over the @Sephora Twitter page to bring gifts for everyone. Sephora followers are invited to tweet completing the sentence "Dear @sephora, All I want for the holidays this year is _________". They can wish for any Sephora item up to $150 and be entered in the daily sweepstakes. Sephora Claus is awarding one prize a day up till December 19th.


They have also created this promotional micro-site at which visitors can also enter the daily sweepstakes by submitted their wish here. The site provides a drop down menu that lists the most popular wishes that visitors can choose from or they can just create there own. 

Sephora is promoting this on their Facebook page as well. If you become a fan of their page you can then use a special code at their online store to receive your choice of one of three mini product offers.

So, they've done a nice job I think of creating a fun, simple and very targeted holiday promotion. They especially are marketing to women online very effectively. As of right now their wish counter says they've received 21,787 wishes, granted 11 of them and have only 17 days left. So make your beauty wish now.


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