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Tuesday Link Love's Tuesday

Yvonne-trans I realized today I have not done any Link Love, lately. I love link love. I love sharing the sites of bloggers and friends and sites that will serve you, my readers. I don't think I do nearly enough of it. So, here goes... some Tuesday Link Love -

First up is Anita Campbell. I've mentioned Anita a number of times, but truth is - every day couldn't be too much. This woman has one of the top small business sites on the Internet and you should definitely subscribe. Today, the post on Small Biz Trends is from Lisa Barone discussing Google's latest. A read well worth your time. It involves managing social media, and that's all I'm telling you.

Next up we have Coree Silvera, Market Like a Chick. You gotta love this blog. Not only is it full of great content, Coree has a great sense of humor, and a fab smile. We twitter a bit, and she always brightens my day. I hope to provide more access to Coree. Stay tuned.

Susan Getgood is another spectacular marketing professional, who knows social media, believe me, that I don't talk about enough. Susan was kind enough to friend me a long, long time ago...when we were both newbies in the blogosphere. Today, she's done some amazing things that can teach all of us better ways to accomplish what we need to do. She's also part of Blog with Integrity, something you should be part of, Baby-einstein

Now, even though a LOT of women are NOT Moms, a lot are. So my next link love goes to Kevin Burke, who writes and manages Marketing to Moms over at Lucid Marketing. I especially like this post on Baby Einstein. There's a lesson to be learned there - do you know what it is? Kevin does.

Let's close with some info on Savvy Auntie (Melanie Notkin) and her post on She-conomy "Are Aunts the New Mom" which goes back to the Shriver report on women. Melanie likes to remind us that Aunties are important, too. As a group, they comprise a large part of the nation's spenders, and they have spend on many of the same things the popular Mommy bloggers spend on. That's power, any way you look at it. I like the way Melanie works - she isn't dissing Moms, she's merely trying to get the right attention to Aunts, and other women that do not fit the Mom-mold. Well worth your time. Because Moms aren't the only women who spend money and influence the shopping habits of those around them.

I could go on. There isn't a blog post long enough to cite everyone, though. Who did I leave out? YOU tell me. Share links in the comments. We're all eager to hear your thoughts...


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Coree Silvera

I am definitely feeling the love! Thanks, Yvonne, for including me in your Tuesday lovefest!

It's exciting to see all the changes and new features you're implementing on Lipsticking. It's always my goal to help other women whether it's marketing their business with social media, promoting their events, or just a nice booster shot of inspiration to get us back in the right mindset.

Thanks for much for all you do for women on Lipsticking and for all the great content you give us access to. Can't wait to hear what's coming up next!!

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