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Does grammar matter?

by guest blogger Robbi Hess

You're writing for the Internet so the rules are more lax,right? Wrong! Whether your words will be read on paper or on a computer screen, it's important to always put your best word forward. Writing pen

"It seams they're aren't enough ours in a day to do everything that your convinced you have too, right? So, taking short cuts hear and their can be forgiven; it is the internet after all. " (Corrected version: It seems there aren't enough hours in a day to do everything that you're convinced you have to, right? So, taking shortcuts here and there can be forgiven; it is the internet after all.)  

Of course you can read this sentence and maybe you'd even run it through spell-checker. Remember, spell check is NOT your friend. Spell check makes lazy writers out of us all and it will not always catch words that are used incorrectly, ie: they're, their, there; you're/your; and the biggie, its/it's. These may be terms whose rules you forgot as promptly as you learned them, in grammar school. Woman reading

As the former editor of a magazine and a couple of newspapers, I discovered that freelance writers turn in copy expecting the editors to clean it up and make it readable. Those writers were not invited to submit articles a second time.

If you want to be taken seriously as a writer you need to hone your craft and that, bottom line, begins with your grammar. Sure, Strunk & White is a valuable resource but I have discovered a quick thumb-through of Annette Lyon's "No Tears Guide To Grammar From the Word Nerd" a quick resource to all things grammar.

Before you put fingers to keyboard and dash off a blog post, a Facebook entry or even a Tweet, look at your work with a critical eye. You never know who will be reading it. Imagine that a potential editor is looking at your work. Believe me, first impressions count and misspelled and incorrectly used words count against your professionalism.


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Evening Dresses

Grammar and "online" seem to come from two different worlds. Well, I haven't seen it as much on blogs, but texting is a totally different ballgame.

My children


Hi Lisa,

I sometimes find I slack off a bit on text messages to my kids -- a bad habit I picked up from them, no doubt.

I didn't know Firefox offered a spell check, but remember it won't pick up misused words!

Thanks for commenting.


Hi Josi,

Thanks for posting. I went to your site -- loved it, especially the upside down/backwards book cover!


I love both these grammar books, what great resources. Great Post Robbi.


Grammar and "online" seem to come from two different worlds. Well, I haven't seen it as much on blogs, but texting is a totally different ballgame.

My children, who are all college educated, text without capitals or much in the way of punctuation either.

In fact, they think it's funny that I actually use capital letters.

As far as spelling, Firefox is my best friend. I'm a terrible speller, but with Firefox, I can spell. :)

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