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My Sincere Thanks: Coree You Rock!

Yvonne-trans Sometimes someone comes along that lights up your day like a torch. Coree Silvera is one of those women. Since meeting her and reading herMarket Like a Chickblog, I've become more convinced than ever that women are going to change this world, for the better. Women like Coree Silvera.

Coree wrote a fab article about women in social media, and included the writers of this blog, and it got picked up yesterday by ForbesWoman. Now, if you're not aware of ForbesWoman, you should be. Here's a brand that has finally embraced its feminine side - well, they've opened their eyes to recognize that women have power. Not only "women" but the women of "social media."

I like what I see at ForbesWoman, and I hope you will, too. It has a bit to do with being recognized by Coree and being included in the Forbes Woman article, but it also has to do with their Facebook page, and the fact that they don't patronize us. This is not a "let's jump on the marketing to women band wagon"... it's a sincere focus on powerful women, on women out to accomplish big things, on the very kind of women who read this blog. On you, readers.ForbesWoman

Among the 20 women mentioned are @NatalieMacNeil of She Takes On The World , without fear, I might say, and my own BBFF @TobyDiva from Diva Marketing, one of the TOP women marketers in social media. And, someone I have to put as #1 in my book, the ever talented @MicheleMiller from WonderBranding. You'll also find and @ConversationAge (Valeria Maltoni) who unravels the social media business knot some folks get themselves into, as well as @SusanGunelius of Women On Businesswho shares some thought leadership with her readers, and @ShellyKramer, who along with Laura Lakes, offers great blog and social media tips at V3 Integrated Marketing.

Also included are @BernadetteDoyle of Client Magnetswith advice on attraction marketing, and @JillFoster, editor for Women Grow Business (part of Network Solutions), then @Sheconomy 's Stephanie Hollandwho writes about the women's marketplace, followed by @LynnTerry - a powerhouse online at ClickNewz, and @StartupPrincess - Kelly King Anderson, one of the smartest women online today (love you Kelly!)! Then there's @cbensen, Connie Bensen, Community Strategist, a leading authority on Coree-silveracommunities, and cause marketing's own @Kanter, Beth Kanter, whom I read almost every day!

Onward to @GwenBell who "knows social media" according to Coree, and "her posts will make you stop and think." Can't wait to learn more about her! @MissRogue, Tara Hunt, another community marketing specialist is worth your time writing at HorsePigCow, and the incomparable Ann Handley- I consider her one of the best writers I've ever known - follow her at @MarketingProfs, and then... Rae Hoffman @sugarrae, who with Rhea Drysdale and Lisa Barone, founded Outspoken Mediato give expert advice in SEO, link mapping and more. What about Amber Naslund, otherwise known as @AmberCadabra, of Altitude Branding- I just have to believe everyone knows her! A new one to me is @IttyBiz, and though I think I know that name, I certainly plan on learning more about her - Naomi Dunford- who, according to Coree, is "loaded with wisdom, wit and an occasional F-bomb." (condolences on your step-dad, Naomi)

You can see why I'm so flattered. You can see why Forbes Woman couldn't resist sharing this. And you can see why all of us use social media. To meet each other, to meet you, and to make sure we have the best news and information at our fingertips - the better to serve our readers and clients.



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Coree Silvera

I'm just so happy to have been able to share with so many others what an awesome resource Lipsticking is for women marketers, entrepreneurs and anyone that takes an interest in how women are projected in the world.

I love reading every bit of info that all of you ladies provide everyday! Let's rock 2010!! =)

Kelly King Anderson

I love you right back Yvonne ;) thx for mentioning me here, what a delight that Forbes article was for us, eh?

Make a Wish, Make it Happen!


I have subscribed to each of these fantastic woman's sites, and look forward to reading each and every one of their articles, including yours.

I can hardly wait..............:)

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