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The Rules Have Changed - They're All The Same

Yvonne-trans 2010 - it's a new world, a new century, a new decade in the new century of the new world.

No, it isn't. Here's the scoop - business has not changed that much. HOW we do business has changed and those who dismiss the tools of today's world (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Ning, etc) are doomed to ultimate failure. On the other hand, those who embrace these new tools, who are flexible and resourceful and embrace innovation, will also fail if they do not harken back to the days of yore when "the customer was always right."

You'll hear it on news programs, in blogs, on major media sites, and all over the net: it's a customer-centric world. The New Rules demand customer interaction. Your brand is now being held hostage by consumers. Blah, blah, blah.

Truth is: the customer was always in charge. Truth is - while it's easier than ever to get word of mouth moving, the act of using word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing tool in your toolbox. Ask any real marketer - they'll openly tell you that a customer's recommendation or referral is worth more than gold.Dollar_sign

So, where does this put your marketing to women online budget and focus? Smack dab in MY lap. And the laps of all the women who read this blog. They may only count in the thousands (not hundreds of thousands) but their reach is in the millions. Why? Because they're engaged and valued. Because they care. Because they know I care.

Get back to your roots. The customer is always right. Even when they're wrong. Me - I value Discovercard, their customer service reps treat me right. I value Bob Clarke who sold us our car - he has never steered us wrong. I value Kevin Burke - he knows how to treat customers and colleagues, alike. I value Andy Sernovitz who is a major voice in word of mouth.

And, I value the women who I'm connected to online and off - too numerous to share but sure to be a Link-love focus in a future post.

Who do you value? What rules do you abide by?


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