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It's all bliss!

Yvonne-DiVita I missed it. Did you miss it? Over 500 fantastic women were at the Blissdom Conference last week, in Nashville where they networked, laughed, learned, and did what women do: became sisters of the heart.

I did win a $100 gift certificate to Dress Barn, the better to be gorgeous at Blissdom, but I never made it there. I'll be using that gift card soon enough - at BlogPaws, where all the pet bloggers will meet for networking, fun, and education.

But, back to Blissdom...

I'm so jealous that they not only had Wendy Scherer (@wendyscherer) whom I have yet to meet, but they had Harry Connick Jr there! Oh puh-lease! Be still my beating heart! He's the Frank Sinatra of the day - well, maybe that's dating me, know what I mean. I've loved Harry from afar for a long time and not to be at the Opryland Hotel and Resort last week was a major disappointment!

It seems that the net is finally coming into its own when it comes to connecting the right women to eachHarry-Connick-Jr other. Blogher, Blissdom, now...our own BlogPaws, are all female centered. As evidenced by the enthusiasm the Blissdom women showed for Harry Connick Jr, we all love our menfolk, but there's a different vibe, a different sense of togetherness, a different focus, when the women of a certain group get to meet each other in person. (and BlogPaws is NOT aimed at women, in general, it's aimed at pet people...there just happen to be more female pet people than men, I guess)

Mind you, it wasn't all fun and games. It was the kind of conference that involved learning, the art and craft of writing online (and offline, I think). It was the kind of gathering where you got to learn Media Training and Storytelling and the business of blogging. Hey, sounds like BlogPaws! LOL

I'm just writing this to make sure YOU know about Blissdom. They'll be doing it again, no doubt. Just as Blogher gave rise to the many powerful women's voices we hear via twitter and the blogosphere, and on Facebook, Blissdom is a conference worth looking in to.

And, I hope, those among you who are pet lovers, pet bloggers, pet brands, and pet people, will look into BlogPaws. At the most basic level, these are conferences of women gathering together to support each other, in a cause... be that humanitarian or focused on our furry friends, or focused on people around the globe. Each conference gives the average gal a chance to make a difference.

See you ... at a conference, somewhere in the U.S., this year, I hope!


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Harry Conick jr. Can life get better than this? I submit that it cannot. Harry makes everything better.


ARGH! So mortified I didn't see this before today! I've been playing catch-up since BlissDom. I'd love to meet you, Yvonne! If not before, then DEFINITELY at BlogHer!



Yvonne, you were supposed to be at Blissdom?! That would have made me so happy. I was there and enjoyed myself quite a bit. Didn't get to meet each of those 500 women, but was happy to meet the ones that I did. And Blog Paws? I don't believe I told you that one of my former students won the ticket you all were giving away on Twitter! Small world, it is. Sure wish you could've made Blissdom!

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