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Pet Safety - The Women Know It - Ford Has It

Yvonne-trans It's normal for women to be out there making a difference. It's what we do. It's what we've always done. From the olden days of our visits at the village meeting place, usually the well, to these fast-paced digital technology days of communicating via twitter, blogs, and Facebook, women have always been on the job creating ways to make life better, simpler, and safer for our families and, today, for our pets.

Case in point - I just discovered, to my dismay and embarrassment, Christine Selter of Bark Buckle UP, and founder of Pet Safety Lady. How could I not know her! Duh! She participated in the 2010 Chicago Auto Show and with Brandy Schaffels of Ask Patty! (regular readers know Ask Patty! - new readers - this is a site you must visit and bookmark), partnered on giving out the "Top Ten Vehicles, Hotel, Retailer, and Airline" Pet Safe Choice Awards. Now, really...how kewl is that?

During the presentation, the press release tells us, "Sherfiff Patrick Perez with Marshall the BombBark-Buckle-UP-2010-Auto-Show Sniffing Dog and two dozen other furry friends hopped in and out of cars and stole the show." The release title gives this all away by saying, "Chicago Auto Show Goes to the Dogs."

So befitting for our beloved pets, don't you think? What pet parent doesn't want to know her "furry child" is safe when she's behind the wheel? I know this pet parent is always concerned about that. To note - Ford, my fav car company, was a big winner. The Ford Edge, Ford Flex and Ford Transit Connect were numbers 3,4, and 5 Ford's winners in the Pet Safe Vehicle list. Whoohoo! [my bad in listing them by number - they are alphabetical! Duh!]

In alphabetical order, the other winners were - retailer: BassPro Shops, Hotel: Sheraton, and Airline: Southwest!

Naturally, I'm very interested in this as we get closer and closer to the BlogPaws 2010 Conference (all you pet parents are coming, right?). But, these stats really hit home and they are the reason I'm writing about this today - about the way WOMEN rise to the occasion, and the way we see a problem, and get out there and fix it.

Did you know that a 35mph accident with an unrestrained 60-lb pet, makes him into a 2,700 pound Bark-Buckle-UP projectile?

Did you know that 82% of pets travel with their owners on vacation?

Did you know that pet friendly lodging has increased 300% since 2005.

Thank you, Christine and Brandy and Jody - Thank you for the Pet Safety Lady site, for Ask Patty! and for watching out for our pets.


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Blair Sorrel

Greetings! Unfortunately, some dog walkers discover a danger, only sadly, when victimized and so I wanted to inform you of StreetZaps, a timely and useful tool intended to reduce the year round risk of injury and fatality from contact voltage. And so you are aware, I confer with Con Edison's Stray Voltage and Public Affairs Units and contribute to Wet Nose Guide and New York Dog Chat. It is my firm wish that Lip-Sticking Pet Safety will disseminate this vital public service as quicky and as widely as possible to preclude more tragedies. Further, our electrical collaborators anticipate more summer than winter shockings in the years ahead. We will post a safer walking film very soon.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

In appreciation and with best regards,

Blair Sorrel


Thank you love the article!

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