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Healthcare and Marketing: Want $30,000?

Yvonne-trans Some press releases are better than others. This one made me think of all of my readers. It's an opportunity worth sharing.

"Non-profit Health Care Organizations to Win $30,000 in Professional Marketing Services"

Worth a read, I decided. On your behalf, dear readers. Perhaps this relates to you and your work, or to someone you know? Here are the details:

Through its "Lend-A-Hand Marketing Giveaway" contest, Stevens & Tate Marketing will blend its marketing and media strategies, Internet strategies, creative, ad messaging, website development, social media...well, the list goes on and one...and ends with "based on the nationa winner's marketing communication needs." The contest is open to any not-for-profit or for-profit organization involved in healthcare, or health information.Stevens&Tate

Deadline is April 9th, 2010. Access the online form here. (also recommend their blog: The Daily Twitch.)

Lend-A-Hand_Marketing-Giveaway It's worth a look-see not only for the value of possibly winning, but I think this is a good example of reaching out to offer something worthwhile. According to the note I was sent, Stevens & Tate Marketing did this with the travel and tourism industry in 2009. The President, Dan Gartlan, is quoted saying, "We recognize the challenges non-profits are facing in various industries, and we want to help."

If you apply, let us know how it goes.

p.s. to Stevens & Tate: I would have liked to see some faces on the cover of your giveaway. You could have used the pics of previous winners. Just is all about the people, right?


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Jacki, while the ability to suerce loans is not easy for women, it isn't holding many of us back. That's my point: we're still out there starting businesses at twice the rate of men. Young women today feel entitled just ask, they'll tell you they get what they want because they're smart and talented, not because of gender. I say, good for them.The other thing about the loan issue is that many women are reluctant to take on debt. Maybe if more women were attempting to suerce loans, the banks would take us seriously. But, women still want to do it on their own and not be indebted to a bank or other funding source. THAT is holding us back more than anything else.

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