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Making the grade and helping out friends

Yvonne-trans That's probably not a keyword rich title. Everything today is about how keyword rich your content is and how it will influence Google on your behalf (or not).

I know that this blog's primary purpose - helping companies understand marketing to women online - and supporting women in business - serves us well. We don't always use those terms to describe what we do, but all the content is written to help readers understand or learn something - relevant to the women's market.

On a regular basis, I like to give Link Love to people I believe in and support. To that end, I'd like to share some content, via links, that might be useful to you, no matter who you are or what you do. It's definitely through links and recommendations that we connect online, and it's also how we uncover the best information to either help us do better jobs, be better people, or share better "stuff"...

Here are some places you might want to visit today:

1) I am listed on this great site "100 Business Experts You Should Follow on Twitter" - but more importantly, the OTHER folks listed are well worth your time. I know many of them, but not all. I found this list extremely comprehensive and worth my time. I believe it's worth yours, too. (they seem to do a lot of lists - that's a hint: lists are good things to help spread the word)

2) Donna wrote about BLUR yesterday - that's the title of the PMA integrated marketing conference, being held in Chicago next week. Donna will be attending. She's written about it on her blog, too...and it's worth a look-see. Donna told me that she likes going to this conference, "...because it includes a variety of marketing topics, and they always have some big name brands presenting." She says there is plenty of time for networking and...she likes going to the Reggie Awards. I'm sure we'll hear more about her experiences, when she returns. For now, you might check the PMA out.Rosa-Say-09

3) Talking Story with Rosa Say is one of the best blogs online, and one I have neglected in recent months. I'm always inspired by Rosa and her focus on business success. Her advice and storytelling is worth following regardless of your size; tiny, small, medium, or big - Rosa's insight fits all sizes. In this recent post, We buy, and work, with our hearts, she says,"We don't talk about this experience of engaging emotions as much as we should, both the customer's experience and our own experience in serving them well. When we achieve it there's a sigh of relief. There might even be an expression of hau'oli'oli (joy and delight). But we don't ho'omau with it, causing it to be long lasting." Ah, Rosa gets her point across so well by using those sweet Hawaiian words - they look so musical, I get an immediate sense of joy just from reading them!

I'll stop here. No sense in creating information overload. Enjoy.


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Yvonne DiVita

Arturo, thanks for the kind words. No, I haven't written a full post on how twitter lists help spread the word. Good idea! I'll do that and send you the link.

Arturo F Munoz

Thank you, Ivonne, for the link to the 100 experts. It is a great help!

Have you written on how creating Twitter lists helps spread the word? If so, can you share the link to that post?

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