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PURSEuasion Report: Academy Awards and Women Viewers

Yvonne-trans As noted in a post just before the Academy Awards, The Kaleidoscope Group was preparing to release its latest "PURSEuasion Report" on advertising effectiveness and the Academy Awards. After all, who loves the Academy Awards show most? Women. I know I'm a sucker for all the pomp and circumstance - and the designer digs. Can't help it. I just love to live vicariously through the "stars" on the red carpet!

According to The Kaleidoscope Group's report, the two commercials that resonated most with women were the Apple iPad commercial and the Hyundai commercial with the music "I am 16 going on 17."

The commercial that failed miserably, according to their report, was the Cottenell commercial about which way to hang the toilet paper.

Tom Jordan, Chief Creative Director for Hoffman York (where The Kaleidoscope Group lives), said, "This was no Super Bowl. And, that's a good thing. Almost all of the advertisers recognized that the audience was primarily female and tailored their messages specifically to that group. Unfortunately, the audience does not watch the ads on the Oscar telecast as intently as the Super Bowl."

Hmmm...what does that tell you? Maybe it says we ladies are more interested in the SHOW than the commercials. Maybe it says...trying to market to us as a "group" isn't going to work. We're so diverse, with different expectations in each faction of our lives, that you just can't say, "Here, this commercial is for the gals." Which gals? Seriously... Chloe Miah Grad pic

Which gals? The Gen Ys (with apologies to the group labeled Gen Y - none of us like labels, but they are necessary and sometimes useful; as a Baby Boomer who doesn't fit under the baby boomer label, I get it, but I also know it's easier to identify the particular women I'm talking about by labels, sometimes; I know that the label is just an identifier, not a resume)...might like that Cottonelle commercial because it was so, pardon the language, stupid. They might love the iPad commercial, or not.

Women who are Moms might be out of the room when the Cottonelle commerical is on and view the iPad commercial as science fiction. As for the popularity of the Hyundai commercial - do women under 30 really resonate with the "I am 16 going on 17"? I doubt it. That had to be appealing to the baby boomers... and few other women.

Just saying.

What do I know? I didn't do the survey. The Kaleidoscope Group did. I trust that they are more than aware of these points - and are doing many other monitoring to gauge women's interest in ads and commercials. According to Elissa Polston, Senior VP, Co-Director of Planning for Kaleidscope, instead of creating ads for a predominantly male audience (ala Super Bowl), "the Oscar's group of commercials played to a very differenc audience... Instead, advertisers recognized the number of women watching the show and focused on spots that highlighted cause-related projects as well as environmental responsibility."

Would that I had seen those commercials.

p.s. Kaleidoscope Group: kill the audio on your site - it's just distracting and annoying


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