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Sometimes Setting People Straight is a Matter of Marketing

The Academy Awards - A Woman-focused TV Show?

Yvonne-trans I'm happy to know the folks at Hoffman York. They're tuned in to the women's market like few others. Regular Lip-sticking readers will know that I have no patience for marketing to women that is dominated by men. Yes, men can "get it" and many do. Yes, men who take the time to stop, look and listen, provide valuable marketing ideas for the women's market. But, for the most part, if you pitch marketing to women articles, ads, or books to me...there better be a woman involved, somewhere.

At Hoffman York, there is. At Hoffman York I see the men and women working together. What concept! Their info on this market, brought to us from The Kaleidoscope Group, shows real stats, powerful results, and insight into what I like to call "real women" marketing.

Not the kind of information you get from e-marketer (which is valuable in its own way, but it's really just stats), or other marketing professionals who cater to big brands and, IMHO, often forget about us, the gals who really do the buying. Not so with The Kaliedoscope Group. Re-render-the-gender-tom-jordan

I called them out in my last note, about info they sent me on the superbowl , and they took the challenge and threw it back my way. Today, I can quote a Senior VP at the group, and proudly so (as opposed to Tom Jordan, Creative Director - smart in his own right and author of the book, Re-render the Gender, which I'll write about another time). Elissa Polston, Senior VP, Co-Director of Planning for Kaleidoscope, says, "With research showing that women control 80 percent of all purchase decisions [well, more than 80, truly...but 80 is safe], it will be interesting to see if Academy Awards Show advertisers pay closer attention to women than they did with the Super Bowl." Indeed!

It's so true, as the press release says, that twitter and blogs have turned TV events into "media experiences for viewers on a variety of levels." We're the "real-time barometers" of any brand's commercial success on TV and the web, IMHO. WE - the women who control or influence most of the spending in this country (if you sell it and we don't buy it, we know the people who do buy it; it's just that simple), are sitting up and realizing our power, via our blogs and twitter - and the huge networks we're forming, to support each other. When those commercials air, on Sunday, we'll be tweeting and blogging about the ones we love, and the ones we hate. Millions of us.

Hence, this attention on us, on our activities both online and off, and the need for more advertising agencies to, as Tom Jordan says, re-render the gender. I'll report on the findings next week...when the The Kaliedoscope Group publishes their results of which commercials have the best "purse quotient" as they say. Stay tuned. 


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