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Twitter Tweets and Tales

Yvonne-trans I'm beginning to wonder if Twitter is all it's cracked up to be. Yes, I have met some really smart and talented people on twitter, and I find all sorts of great information in most of my tweets. But, twitter is beginning to annoy me.

My life is pretty full right now. I'm busy from morning till night. It's difficult to fit twitter in during the day, but I feel as if I'll be missing opportunities if I ignore my tweeps. So, I go on twitter to my various accounts and tweet and RT and basically, just stress myself out.

Ok - a big part of the stress is having 5 twitter accounts. What was I thinking!?!

Another part of the stress of using twitter is that I want to announce the great stuff we're doing on BlogPaws, and on Lip-sticking and I want to support Mary, Donna, and Lena... and I want to make sure I don't offend anyone...and I want to play nice by following all my followers back and...

OMG! Today was the last straw! I threw up my hands and said, "Who cares?"

Do you care? Little girls funny faces

I don't care, anymore. I will use twitter more effectively by not worrying about who I follow back - if I am not following you and you are following me, it's likely I have not had time to login and see who you are, or I did login and saw who you are and ... I'm not seeing the connection.

I will visit each account twice a week and if I have time, I'll tweet. I'll share information that is relevant to that account and RT good content I see while I'm in twitter, and I won't worry about missing anything. Because I have so many resources - like my Lip-sticking readers - it's unlikely I'll miss anything important. And, if I tweet about my pet projects (yes, REAL pets) and folks Quit following me because of it, I won't care. If I tweet about women and it bothers someone, I won't care. And I will nag people for locking their accounts (really, what's the use - isn't it supposed to be 'social'?), along with nagging them for trying to get more followers, as if that's what's most imporant in life.

Ok...those are my twitter tweet tales. Do you have any? Do share!


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Yvonne- I don't think that you are alone. This is the same approach that I took to Twitter also, just isn't paying off. I now use it when I feel like it and don't stress about leaving the same Tweet up for a few days.


I've read a lot about Twittering and its importance to successful business but... it's hard to work on your business goal if you're bound up with social networking! Urgh.

Here you go ... so sorry about that ... my laptops evidently aren't talking to each other! ;-)Thank you for following up. ~v I was listening to Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair whenProf. Douglas Branson shared fantastic insights on how women canimprove their careers, including hitting the Fortune 500 CEOtrack! Hard to believe, but female CEO's still earn only a small fraction ofwhat their male counterparts make. If you want some great hints on betterpositioning yourself for promotion and career growth, take the timeto listen to the podcast here: Finally, there's a wonderful segment on Heidi Ganahl, recognized in Entrepreneurmagazine for her Camp Bow Wow Franchise. Ms. Ganahl is a fine example of successthat comes from following your passion even in the face of adversity. I can't begin toexpress how her story inspires and motivates - hear it in her own words here:

Suzanne Choma

Hey Yvonne! You are taking control of your twitter life! There's only so much time in every day, sounds like a sound plan. :)

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I'm pretty sure it is not. The smart and talented people I have "met" don't know who I am and some of them don't know or acknowledge that I exist. something is coming up short.


Aw, Take a deep breath first. It's not the end of the world if you don't tweet. Hehehe. Personally, I'm new to the tweeting world myself and I always forget to log in. But I used to feel that way about Facebook. I kept thinking OMG What if someone posts new pics? And what about my pesky farms, and pets, and other useless things in Facebook? LoL.

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