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4 Ways to Tell If a Blog is Worthy of Your Comment

by Guest Blogger, Lena West, Chief of Social Media Strategy at xynoMedia

Comment_blog The O.P.S. concept is such a critical part of your social media strategy, and many business owners get it wrong. They either don't comment on anyone else's blog/podcast/FB page at all or they comment on the "wrong" person's blog/podcast/FB page.

For the record, I totally get that there are no "right" and "wrong" people. But I focus on the business side of social media marketing, and from that perspective, there are "right" and "wrong."

Commenting on the "right" person's blog will start to develop the social media street cred that you need to build a platform on the social grid. (Gosh, how many buzzwords were in THAT sentence? Yeah, but ignore that, what I wrote is true.) 

Commenting on the "wrong" person's blog will just waste your time.

Here are four ways to tell if a blog is worth commenting on:

  1. Do you and the blog owner share target markets? You don't have to be in direct competition with the owner of the blog, but a good commenting strategy works best if you comment on blogs that your target market is more apt to read. It just makes sense: Be where your market is--even if that means being on someone else's blog.
  2. What is the date of the last post? If it's more than two weeks, chances are the blog isn't that active. More than a month? Forget about it. Move onto the next blog.
  3. How many comments does the blog have? Many people may not agree with me on this, but it is what it is. Scan through blog posts for the past month and see how much interaction happens on the blog.
  4. Is the blog owner on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? My experience has shown me that the more social media services and tools a person uses is a good indicator of how up-to-date and active the blog will be.

These four things taken inconsideration individually may not give you a complete picture of the blog's potential at all. But when considered collectively, they present a pretty good picture as to whether its worth it to comment or not. And sometimes you have to watch the blog for a period of time to tell whether it's worth commenting. The point is: Do your due diligence!


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I agree somewhat. There aren't any hard and fast rules - but rather rules of thumb...everyone's thumb is a different size! :)

There are some people who are hard set on only commenting on blogs that are visibly active (e.g. many comments) because that's part of their strategy. It might not work for you, but it does work.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Lynn Dessert


This is a good list of things to consider when deciding to comment on a blog. As you surmise, #3 is controversial - akin to the chicken or the egg, and deciding which one comes first.

I comment if I like the post, regardless of the number of comments to show support and engagement, especially to the new blogger.

If the commenter is well known, the act of doing it can be significant to the author or that one comment might be the impetuous for others to share their thoughts.

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