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BlogPaws 2010 Recap - The Woodstock of Pet Bloggers

A community of story tellers gets together

Yvonne-trans BlogPaws 2010 was last weekend on Friday nite and all day Saturday, with a wind-down with your friends party, Saturday nite. It was held in Columbus, OH. Everyone who reads this blog should know that I am a co-founder of BlogPaws, LLC, along with Caroline Golon and Tom Collins.

I've written about BlogPaws before. But this post, while referencing BlogPaws, is really about the people of BlogPaws. It's about the stories those people will tell to each other, to their readers on their blogs, and to the new friends they made at the first ever pet blogger conference.

Story telling and giving back - that's what it was and will continue to be all about.

As our truly inspiring keynote speakers shared, the quality of human life that makes us all one big community is in our story telling. It's in our need to be connected by our likes not our dislikes. It's in our nuturing nature - the way we take care of each other, and of our pets. It's in the way we reach out across miles, days, time zones, and even across continents, to embrace each other with love. Please visit that link - you'll be rewarded with a video that will have you in tears - but also inspired!

Our keynote speakers at BlogPaws 2010 talked a great deal about community, story telling, love, and connections. These are the human qualities that embolden us with a need to share and give back. Each of us, deep within our hearts and souls, feels that compassion, that hope, that desire to help our fellow man or woman, and to wholeheartedly wrap our arms around the furry bodies of our best friends - that dog or cat sleeping at our feet (and our 'other' pet friends, too! at BlogPaws there was such an adorable Guinea Pig, and I know many people are bird people, and I do not leave out the people who prefer reptiles or exotic pets like chickens!).Blogpaws-entry-sign

We do this because we have evolved into a community that values relationships and understands that the unspoken word is as powerful as the practised dissertation. We adopt the language of love in a glance, a meow, a bark, a chirp - whatever. We want that sense of togetherness, not only with our fellow humans, but with those pets who give us adoration and unconditional love.

We saw all of that at BlogPaws 2010. We watched an amazing video of this concept. A story unto itself. We met and hugged and wept and laughed and we cheered, Woofy Woo! when those checks were handed out to the shelters. For me, BlogPaws proved that there IS hope for all of us. The kind of hope that makes the world go round. It proved that despite tragedy and worry, we can focus on a better tomorrow. We can think of others before ourselves. We can bask in the world of story telling - passing it along from one person to another, from generation to generation, always aware that "no man is an island."

This then is what makes life worth living. Stories - told by each of us- shared with each of us- creating the memories that make tomorrow worth waiting for.  


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