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Anything Fun in Your Customers' Mailbox?

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

A frequent question from my marketing consultations:  How do I stand out on the Web?

My (sometimes) answer: Maybe you don't have to (you should be there, but it doesn't have to be a leadin' bleedin' bells & whistles site.)

Thanks to technology these days, it's relatively simple to have a basic informational site in a few hours. Nothing fancy, but people can find you, if they're looking. 

One way they may come looking is if there's something fun in their old-fashioned mailbox. 

Like a postcard, which - if you're going to do direct mail - can be the lowest cost/highest impact choice.  And, these days it's easy to do your own card (just as you can do your own web site.)  As my colleague and good friend Mary Ellen notes in Postcards Add to Marketing Synergy, "If you’re a service provider such as a coach, consultant or solopreneur, you can easily augment your marketing with postcards."  (At the usps site; read the post for the step-by-step instructions.)

Personally, I prefer postcards to email "blasts." (Shudder) I stare into a computer screen for hours a day earning a living, and have enough biz-related emails to plow through.  Getting a "special offer" email doesn't thrill me (I'll likely delete unopened.)  But, a little something different and special in the mailbox?  Cool!  In  nice weather, I typically take a break, sit on my front porch, enjoy the day and review my mail.  

Postcards are particularly cool because it's easy to very quickly get the gist with a flip of the wrist.  And, if they're well designed, I may even keep them (which will also consistently remind me of the sender - so when I do need that service or product, they're already at top of mind.) Even if it is junk - it's easy enough to toss. It doesn't really irritate me.  It's not cluttering up my e-office (where, right now, I've got about 500 emails in my inbox.)

So - have you put some fun in your customers' mail?  (I also got a coupon for a free birthday cupcake from my insurance broker - nice touch!)  

Now, I need to go check my mailbox.  Happy Friday!


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