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Customer Stress Isn't Loyalty

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt Marketing Troubleshooter, LLC

Images Apparently, fast food logos make you impatient.

"...those jitters you feel after eating a McDonald's hamburger may not just be the contents of your meal eating away at your insides -- it's your brain getting stressed out. As the Daily Mail reported today, a study by researchers at the University of Toronto (which will be published in the journal Psychological Science) has found that exposure to fast-food symbols -- including the logos of McDonald's, KFC, Subway and Taco Bell -- make people both less likely to save money and more likely to feel like they're running out of time."

Which makes perfect sense if you're trying to sell a lot of FAST food.  People are driven to gulp and go, not really tasting the stuff. (Full disclosure: I actually enjoy a McD's filet o' fish and an order of fries on occasion - like every six months or so.)

The researchers concluded "fast food, originally designed to save time, can have the unexpected consequence of inducing haste and impatience" and "preference for time-saving products when there are potentially other important aspects upon which to choose a product."

This logo issue may or may not be intentional (I think it's not) - but even it is...will stressing us really work in the long run?   In other news, Fast Food: KFC’s Stunts Make Nightly News But Don’t Stop Sales Slide

"The fast-food chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken seems to have tried everything. It's changed its name to initials, then back to words, then back to initials. It's leaned on cheap marketing stunts such as moving the secret recipe, taking Colonel Sanders to the U.N. and, most recently, launching the 500-calorie Double Down sandwich."

The company also changed its logo a few years back - with a younger, hipper looking Colonel (trim those waddles!) to attract a younger, hipper crowd.  Quick! Did you notice this earthshaking change?  Or, did you want to rush right out to KFC when you read about (supposedly) being able to see their logo from space?  Of course not.  If you're into chicken, you're probably a loyal Chick-fil-A customer. The company has developed a cult-like following for their tasty sandwiches (and they were first with grilled chicken.)

Hmmmm...taste - now there's an idea. But Yum Brands (KFC's parent) Chairman David Novak calls the Double Down a "portable product innovation."  Now, doesn't a "portable product innovation" sound delicious?  And, it'll also add to your stress! 

2-doubledown-041910-1I  don't know about you but I can feel my  arteries hardening just looking at the Double Down - and that makes me nervous.

I'm having a slow food lunch today - it's Friday after all. I'll be savoring my entree at a locally-owned restaurant that has terrific quality food, excellent service, and loyal customers...even if you'll never be able to see their logo from space...;-)   


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