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Getting it right

Yvonne-trans I remember reading a blog post several years ago that was talking about how to be more successful at blogging. This was before Twitter and Facebook, mind you. Businesses were just beginning to consider having a blog. Their major concern seemed to be, "What do I write in a blog?" (this even before identifying their audience)

Wrong question, according to the blog post I was reading. I am embarrassed to admit that I don't have the link for you - but I remember it well, nonetheless. The reason I remember it is because the expert writing it said the "what do I write" question was the WRONG question to be asking.

The RIGHT question is: "What do I want people to do after they finish reading my blog post?"

That really gave me pause. I began to wonder what I wanted people to do after reading my blog posts. Did I want them to just go away and come back tomorrow? Did I want them to click a particular link - to download a PDF? Did I want them to buy something?

Dang! I never considered any of those issues and yet, they are all very relevant to being profitable at blogging.

Today, most bloggers have an idea - not necessarily a good idea - of what they hope to gain by blogging and using social media. They want more traffic. More eyeballs. More conversation. All of which will, they hope, lead to more sales. But, do they participate in social media with that in mind? I know I don't. I would like more eyeballs (if they're the right eyeballs), and I'd like more conversation...but I seldom write blog posts with those goals in mind. And, I don't nudge people to hire me or buy product (mainly because my product is not tangible - which begs the question: why not create a tangible product?) 

Here's the scoop on getting it right - our own Lena West has the best social media program online. It's aimed at the women who want more business and who know they need help tackling the ins and outs of social media. Heck, I think I need to sign up for Lena's program! She calls it Real Women Do Social Media, and she's about as real as they come.Real-Women-Do-Social-Media-Lena_West

That article I read years ago still stands today. It's not about you or me - it's about our customers and clients and what we hope they will do after finishing a post. Without selling, without lecturing, without pushing, we need to write blog posts and twitter tweets and respond to folks on Facebook with a clear view of how our writings will make sales (for us, we hope, but maybe for someone else, too).

So, here's what I'd like you to do now - contact Lena about her Real Women Do Social Media program.

You'll get the best advice and input from Lena. Lena writes with purpose - that's why she's the go-to person for your social media training. Sign on today and be prepared to learn from someone who is in your peer group. Get no nonsense information and case studies that will propel you to higher levels of success, this year.


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