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Most Essential Media: You're reading it

Yvonne-trans That's a bold statement; that this blog is an essential media focus. What it means is that more people today would rather give up TV than the Internet. It's a stretch to pose this blog as "essential" but, it's my blog so I get to say that. :-)

According to an Infinite Dial study by Arbitron and Edison Research (discovered via Marketing Charts), when asked which media they would give up in a "must do" scenario, more people said they would give up TV than the Internet.

More info in the article on Marketing Charts showed stats on why they can say that. It said, "more people spent more time simultaneously viewing the internet and TV in December 2009 than in June 2009 or December 2008, according to The Nielsen Company." Maybe these numbers will increase exponentially with the advent of the iPad - after all, who needs TV when you have an iPad and many TV stations are offering free content via the web?

Another report on the Edison Research site also shows that more people than ever believe that newspapers will cease to exist in the future (a nebulous statement as 'future' could be next year or the next hundred years!), likely brought on by the popularity of the Kindle, I think. And, a new generation that is tuned out to newspapers but tuned in to the net. Where they also watch TV.

Why is all this important in the marketing to/for/with women world? Because women are early adopters, because women influence what their kids think and do (even their reading material or lack thereof), and because women are the consumers it would do you well to connect to - now and in the future. How do you do that?The-Wabby-with-Mom

You hang out where they hang out. As these reports show, more and more of them are hanging out online. W00t!

Over the next few days I'll be immersed in the BlogPaws 2010 conference so one of two things will happen here - you won't see me, but you'll see Donna and/or Mary. Or, you'll see me blogging live from the conference. This is how the resident Queen Kitty (the Wabby) took the news that I'll be away for five days...Arrows

Let me close with this observation - the majority of people attending BlogPaws 2010 are women. Even if you're not a pet blogger, this conference is a great place to meet the women who influence or buy your products and services. They're wives, mothers, daughters, aunts, and single gals who are very much interested in relationship building.

Stay tuned for all the details on what this passionate group of women likes most about being online.  


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