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What does Facebook's new Social Graph really mean and do we Like it?

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Mom_Eileen's_Wed Two weeks ago today my mother passed away after battling breast cancer for several years. As soon as I was able to I wrote this post on my blog, In Loving Memory of our mom, Eileen DeClemente. I tried to share what an amazing woman she was who meant the world to me and many others. I was able to find some comfort in all the kind words and messages that people sent, so my next blog post was titled "What Social Media means when you lose a loved one", which I invite you to read as well.

Today I'm now back to being the guest blogger here on the Lip-sticking blog and I'm wondering where do I begin? I've been trying to get myself adjusted and get caught up with all that has been going on in the world and in my business, but it's very hard. It all seems so trivial to me, but as they say, life must go on. 

So I thought I'd say a few words about Facebook's introduction of the new "social graph". It's all I've been reading about since I've been back online and I'll link you to several very good articles to read throughout this post.

Facebook_Lite_Button They first announced that they were changing the word fan to "Like". So now there will no longer be "Facebook fans" just "likes". That silly little Like button that turns into a "thumbs up" icon after you click on it when you "like" someone's status on their wall has moved to the top of the page...what we seem to be referring to now as "Business Pages" (formally "Fan Pages").

Facebook_LIke But not only will you see this "Like" button on Facebook, you'll see it on many websites throughout the Internet. The tech community is all over this right now and they're using lots of verbiage such as publisher plug-ins, semanic mark-up and developer API. And of course there is the privacy issue. Senator Chuck Schumer from right here in New York is already on it and doesn't "Like" it at all.

I've been trying to read through the lines and understand what this really means and how it's going to change the Internet. How will it affect all us bloggers? So now if I understand this correctly, we put the "Like" button on our blog and those who click on it, if they're logged into their Facebook account, will have it show up in their news feeds that they liked the post. But what if I don't have a Facebook "Business Page" yet? Does that matter? And what do I have to do to get this little piece of code so that I can place it on my blog? This is a Typepad blog, can you help us out Typepad?

Since I'm very involved with online promotions, I'm also wondering how it may change that. Levi's is one of Facebook's initial partners who has really engaged this new technology to show what it can do for online retailers. Consumers can now customize their online shopping experience based on what they like and then share with friends. Levi's has put this "Like" plug-in button next to individual pairs of jeans, so you can just click what you like and that like gets populated on to your news feed. Oh and by the way, friends news feeds can show up on these websites as well. Levi's has also created the friend's store which means you can virtually go jeans shopping with your friends and family. Sounds pretty wild, huh?


But you know, in light of what I just experienced with the passing of my mom, I realize more than ever that it all comes back down to relationships and how we communicate with one another. The "friend" who sent me a tender poem, a prayer, shared a personal story or just told me they were thinking about me through various forms of communications, including social media, will always mean more to me than a little thumbs up "Like" button. I have to really "like" the person before I really care about what pair of jeans they like or what article they just read.

So that's my initial take on all this. But I do admit I will be watching, and reading, and probably writing more about it. Here's a few good articles I recommend on the topic. Thanks for listening and I'd love to hear what you think it all means as well.

How to Opt-out of Facebook's Instant Personalization - New York Times

Facebook Open Graph: The Definitive Guide For Publishers, Users and Competitors - Read Write Web

Facebook Wants to Know More Than Just Who Your Friends Are - WSJ

Your Mom’s Guide to Those Facebook Changes, and How to Block Them - Giaom


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