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Happy Mother's Day Every Day

Yvonne-trans Did you procrastinate? Do you have your Mother's Day gift yet? If not, I have a great idea for you. And, even if you've already covered her for Mother's Day, this is a fantastic idea you can use to show her all year long how much you love her.

Moms don't need another lipstick or perfume or even sterling silver earrings. At least, I don't. I haveKeepsake-bracelet-for-Mom enough of those. What we love, once we get to a certain point in our lives, are mementos. This is a memento... a keepsake that Moms everywhere will treasure. Like this bracelet: 

Lisa Taron is a friend of mine, and someone who works very hard at her business. I recommend her and her business.

YOU can create your very own personal publishing project at her PetBook Lady site. It doesn't need to be about pets (although we pet moms like it to be) can be about your kids, or your grandmother, or your favorite uncle.

The thing is - by creating a keepsake bracelet (or a storybook, poster, playing cards, canvas print...and more) at Lisa's site, using your very own photographs, you will be helping homeless pets. Lisa is donating her commission on these bracelets to help rescue groups.

She gets Be the Change - and you can, too.


As you know, I'm all about helping the homeless - pets and people, alike. As we approach Mother's Day, I hope you'll hop over and watch Lisa's video, and hop over to her PetBook Lady site and consider a beautiful bracelet for Mom, GrandMom, or Auntie. (that's Lisa and her pup in this bracelet)

A gift straight from the heart. There is nothing better, nor as long-lasting - especially when there are pictures of loved ones involved. This is marketing to women online at its very best!


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Wow I have never seen anything like this before. Looks like I finally found my gift with two days to spare. Thanks for the shopping help!

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