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No One Ever Promised You A Rose Garden

Maybe you think they did. Maybe you think, "I paid my dues, I worked hard, I raised my kids right... Now I need a loan for a new business and...the @#$% banks won't give me one! That's just unfair!"

Here's a big dose of reality - that's life. No one ever said it would be easy.Rose-bouquet

No one ever said it would be simple.

No one ever said you could do it overnight.

No one ever said you wouldn't have to make sacrifices.

However, I bet you have heard people say...

Get over it.

Get up and start again.

Don't give up.

Stop whining.

If not today, when?

If I had a nickel for all those excuses, I'd be a millionaire.Fortune_cookies

I could go on and on. The point is, running a small business is hard work. You must sacrifce. You must prepare for lean times. You must market, no matter what. You must be in "learning mode" continuously - do not for one minute think you have all the answers.

And, you must never, ever give up. If this is your passion, if your new business means as much to you as breathing (and it should else why do it?), you must treat it with respect and consideration. You must not allow others talk trash to you. You must not allow others to steal your thunder. You must not covet your neighbor's happiness.

Make your own happiness. Work is play. You are, indeed, in charge. Know that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And, my personal favorite: Just do it.

All the links in this post will help you overcome the, "Life isn't fair," devil in your head. Click'em and read what's at the other end. Time is your friend, not your enemy. Only you can prevent... burn-out.


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