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Diva-marketing It's here! The first business book actually written ON Twitter! That's right - a business book about social media marketing comprised of a series of twitter tweets. How kewl is that?

I can tell you how kewl - very kewl! Toby Bloomberg, of Diva Marketing, wrote this book with the help of some marketing leaders (yes, I was one) and her keen insight into the world of social media. Toby hasn't merely created a unique book out of comments and musings in 140 characters, she's created a new approach to communicating. While the traditional publishing world may not have caught up to this new form of book, the social media world is embracing it with open arms.

As one of the people who participated in this endeavor, I received a copy of the book recently and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. I especially love the Dedication: "Sail away from the safe harbor," it says. "Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~Mark Twain

And below that, Toby writes, "Dedicated to the pioneers of social media marketing who are showing the world there is a new way to do business." Not just a new way, I will venture to add. But a new mindset. A new method that is totally innovative. Social-Media-Marketing-GPS-Toby-Bloomberg

Those who read this blog on a regular basis know I do not use the term "innovative" loosely. So much of what is touted today as innovative, is not.  So much of what is borderline ordinary, but just out of the box, perhaps, is touted at innovative, when it is not. So much of what we call "new" is not new - and cannot be said to be innovative.

This book is innovative. This book is full of the kind of conversation you wish you could be part of at conferences and seminars, but which seldom actually happens. This book contains the thoughts and advice of many marketers far more talented than I. People like Shel Israel, who wrote the Foreword. And, Paul Chaney, a giant among social media marketers. And, Wayne Hurlbert, and B.L. Ochman, and Neville Hobson, and Dana VanDen Heuvel...and Susan Getgood and Melanie Notkin (another innovative soul) and Liz Strauss, and David Meerman Scott.

Make no mistake - the conversations in this book are part of its innovation, but the book itself, it's conception, and it's purpose, make it more innovative than the sum of its parts. While the rest of us struggle to make Twitter work for us - the better to advise clients - Toby used the tool to push the conversation to its logical limit: in print, online, full of information and ideas that everyone can embrace.

If you're lost on the crowded landscape of Twitter (wondering who's who and who isn't and why you should care), you need a good GPS system. It's here. In this book. Download it today, and share, share, share. The world needs to read this. The whole world needs to read this. 

Happy Anniversary, Toby. I'm proud to know you.


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Toby Bloomberg

Yvonne - I am deeply honored and humbled by your review of Social Media Marketing GPS. Your community must also know that you and Tom were instrumental in turning the tweet interviews from random thoughts into a comprehensive resource.

What is so interesting to me is that although the interviews were conducted a year ago, the concepts remain true. I believe that is because we took a strategic approach to social media marketing versus a tactical one.

Thank you for your friendship. It is proof that online relationships are as important and wonderful as those made offline.

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