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Logical or Practical?

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

"It's not a bug. It was designed that way." ?!? (Yep, I was actually told that by a programmer.) Some software doesn't work very well, but it's perfectly logical...from the programmer's point of view.  Silly users.  Luckily, thanks to open source and the viral spread of wisdom on the Web, this is changing.  However, you'll still run smack into the wall of logic in working with lesser developers. 

So, before you get way into the weeds with logic - throw some common sense at the challenge.

Then there's "efficient" and "effective."  They're not the same thing.  In fact, effectiveness can suffer if you pursue efficiency at all costs.  Example:  Pretty much any customer service call you've ever made to one of the credit companies.  Certainly, their service process is designed for maximum efficiency.  Just one tiny problem. Customers aren't words on a workflow chart. Haven't we all heard (more than once) some variation of "I'm sorry, according to our procedure, we can't do that."  Just makes you feel all fuzzy and loyal, doesn't it?

The mark of a pro - in software development, customer service or anything else - is knowing the difference.  


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