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She Writes: A Best Seller

She-Writes Hot off the presses from my inbox, this announcement from She Writes, the premier destination for women writers - a contest for emerging authors and members of She Writes, who have a non-fiction book project in the works.

The site founders, Kamy Wicoff and Deborah Siegel , hand-picked a team of writing and publishing experts who will choose a book by a first-time author and will donate their time to its advancement. They're calling this "The Passion Project" in deference to the term used by publishing houses when a book editor discovers a must have book - one they can be really passionate about representing.

The winner will be selected on the basis of merit - including a cover letter and a 2,000 word excerpt of You can write that book their book. She will then receive supportive consultations from a team of experts designed to help her prepare a complete proposal for submission to agents or publishers.

Entries are due August 1, 2010. Finalist will be announced and excerpts posted on August 24th, and the winner is announced on September 7th.

Hop over to the contest page and get all the details. Don't forget to Like their Facebook page.

I know someone out there in Lipsticking Society-land has a winning book in her just waiting to be part of this great contest. Remember - even if you don't WIN - your book will be reviewed by experts and you may get a book contract or advice on what do do next. There is no way to lose!

Good luck!!!


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caren gittleman

I am not writing a book nor do I intend to (at least right now) but I am completely enthralled with "She Writes"....am hoping my membership is approved. I am already following a few blogs there. Thanks for leading me to some new kindred spirits!

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