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To blog or not to blog...

By Guest Blogger Robbi Hess

The other day I had someone ask whether they should blog. My first response was, "Of course" but I tempered that by asking why he wanted to blog. He said he was going into a PhD program and wondered if blogging might help him in gaining credibility. He also wondered whether spouting his political views might hurt him in obtaining job offers. My answers were, "maybe and possibly..."

Blogging can set you up as an expert in your chosen field whether it's baking, writing, hot air balloon-making or dog walking. If you have the knowledge and background in a particular area then, blog about it. If you can write humorously on a variety of topics, then go for it. There are some blogs I read to be entertained and others I read to learn and others I simply pop by to see what's going on in the "neighborhood."

I do go to political blogs, weather blogs, and myriad others -- that's the beauty of the Internet, there is something for everyone.

When I blog, I occasionally have written on controversial topics but they are topics on which I could defend my position if I had to. I have never written something simply to garner feedback and readers. There are enough blogs out there that do that without my having to. Blog

I told the man who asked me about whether having a blog and writing about controversial topics could hinder him in a job search that it depends on the employer. Certainly everyone has read about those individuals who blog about how horrid their job is and then get fired for it. The same could be true if you are going to see employment at an ultra-conservative office and you are blogging about extreme liberal ideas -- it could prevent you from being hired. Is it right or just? Who knows, but it just is.

My bottom line advice to him was, if you have something to say and want a platform to say it, then blog about it. If you want to be the go-to expert in your field then blog about it. If you're a bit nervous that your blog could hinder your job aspirations, then temper your posts. But, by all means blog!


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Great post! I think that if you are passionate about a particular topic than you should blog about it. You only write about what you want to write about, and even if you do write a little bit about yourself you only have to tell them what you want them to know.

Sayo Martin

I think some people jump into blogging thinking that it will help them gain instant credibility - its like jumping in a lake and thinking your immediately going to be an excellent swimmer because you've taken the leap - of course its far from the truth. I totally agree that blogging is a great platform to say what you absolutely must, but only if the platform fits your editorial style and you can sustain the dialogue.

caren gittleman

Good tips!
When I first started my blog "Cat Chat" (last Oct) I really wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with it.
After a few really boring blogs (that were more informational) I started adding humor to my blogs (which I found I was quite good at!) and the blogs became more popular and much better received. Now I am proud to offer a blog that has more of an "entertainment" value. I still provide "information" when necessary or when I choose to but as you said there are many, many "professionals" out there and informational blogs that can do that better than I can. So my blog's main focus is presenting humor and entertainment about a topic that I am deeply passionate about...Cats!

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