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10 Ways To Get Attention Online

Starshine Short, simple and to the point:

1. Start a blog. Write in the blog. Write compelling copy. Share with friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook.

2. Offer your expertise in a PDF that can be shared with your network. Tell your network you've created this white paper or E-book and make it easy for them to access and share it.

3. Be strategic in your use of twitter. Are you on Twitter just to chat? If you're a business professional, and twitter is part of your marketing strategy, concentrate on tweeting educational and informative content. (rather than what you had for lunch -or where).

4. Connect with the influencers on LinkedIn - join relevant groups and leave relevant messages.

5. Co-post or guest post. Find 10 people you admire and find out what you can do to help them generate more traffic. Give and take...works. Some people say give, give, give works better. Be generous.

6. Leave comments on truly relevant blogs and Facebook pages. Be specific. Don't just say, "Great comment. I agree!" Tell us why you agree. Or disagree.

7. Attend meet-ups and introduce yourself. Then, listen. That's it. Listen. Only speak about what you do after you've heard everyone else speak about what they do. Then, give your 3minute elevator speech and get back to asking the others' questions. It's always about them...not about you. Chocolate-candy

8. Be creative offline and drive people online. Deliver chocolate to all the hair salons in your community, with a note to a giveaway on your blog or website. (relevance is key - maybe you should visit bakeries or animal hospitals; select businesses that complement your own).

9. Interview someone of importance. Could be the CEO of a new start-up in your community, because they do something related to what you do. Could be the HR director because you like the way they congratulate employees for a job well done. Could be a major mover-and shaker - many self-made entrepreneurs are willing to share their, "How I did it" story with others.

10. Be personable. Say thank you. Say please. Compliment your peers. Share information from your immediate network and give reasons for sharing it. Smile. Always cite when you're using small bits of content from someone else. Call five people on the phone today and ask them what you can do for them - right now - without qualification.

Get moving!


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Joseph Ryan

Here's a new way to get noticed, make yourself an eBusinessCard at eBusinessCard.net. Use it as an email signature in all your business email. It's free, free, free.


Awesome - I'm at Step 1, so this came in handy. I'll be sure to keep reading. Thanks!!

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