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As the World Turns

Woman at computer No, not the soap opera. (Some day I hope to do a research paper on soap operas and uncover why they're still on TV - I mean, really... who cares anymore?)

As the world turns for women. We're stronger, better, smarter, more confident than at any other time in history. We have a strong collective voice online via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and our many communities. We aren't afraid to speak up nor are we afraid to stand up.

Women are what makes the world go round. Forget about 'love.' Without women here's what would happen:

1. Churches would crumble. It's women who drag the hubby and the kids to church every Sunday. It's women who answer the call to worship. It's women who build the community we know as religion.

2. Businesses would falter, some would die. Women make up the majority of support services. We're the secretaries, the executive assistants, the lunchroom ladies, the nurses, the office staff and more. Sure, men are included in some of those jobs, but the vast majority are women. If they all called in sick on the same day... WOW!Girls-go-green

3. The Green Movement, the non-profit sector, bookstores, malls, and more...would cease to exist. Women are the driving force behind the green movement and we are more involved in the non-profit sector than our counterparts. Women buy more books, we shop the malls, we share more information on what's good and what's not than...the other gender.

So, why does the world continue to either ignore us, berate us, neglect us, and abuse us?

Because we let it. That's why.

Make this year the year you decide to stand up and be counted. Make this the year you join your sisters and create change! Make this the year you stop allowing the world to tell you how to think, act, and dress. 


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Michael Priceless

I think it's best to sum up your post by saying... Without Women, life would cease to exist.

Although, I'm a man and a young man, I find extreme value in what you have to say about the power of women.

To answer your question: "So, why does the world continue to either ignore us, berate us, neglect us, and abuse us?"

It's because women don't value themselves and are instead looking for the world around them to give them a sense of value.

I hate being out in public at the mall, the grocery store or anywhere else and saying a "mom" handling 3 or 4 kids by herself without a father anywhere around. I realize this doesn't mean that all of these mothers are single parents and that the fathers neglect their kids, but there's something so extremely incredible about the power a women can have who can manage 3 or 4 screaming kids and make it look easy.

Could men do that? No way.

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