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Blogher Meet Up in Boulder

Pearl_street_mall Tom and I took a trip into Boulder, yesterday. Most of you know by now that we've moved from Upstate NY to Colorado. We live outside of Denver, not too far from Boulder. I can honestly say this is probably the best move of my life. While I miss my family back home very much, we love the weather in CO and we're making tons of new friends.

I sometimes discuss the prairie dogs, over on my petblog, Scratchings & Sniffings. They're the cute, adorable part of being out in the Colorado country. The worrisome part of being here is all the nightly news stories about rattlesnakes and bears. Friends and relatives tell me not to worry about rattlesnakes and bears, but I do, anyway.

Beyond that, there's Boulder. I love Boulder. If we could afford to live in Boulder, I'd give it a shot. Maybe down the road... For now, we seem to go into Boulder once or twice a week. We've been to Boulder to meet with the talented folks at Lijit - we especially love Grace. Smart, intelligent, fun-loving, and personable; she really made us feel welcome when we first got her.

We've been to Boulder to meet with Kyla Duffy - tres' talented young woman who is also a pet foster parent to Bill, her adorable Boston Terrier. We're working with Kyla to bring her astonishing aerial act to BlogPaws. Hope you pet lovers out there will be at BlogPaws. Hop over and enter our contest to win a free trip to Blogpaws West, in September in Denver (but Donna already told you about that!).

Yesterday, we went into Boulder to meet a group of bloggers who are either attending Blogher or are interested in learning more about Blogher and blogging, in general. Fantastic women! I will tell you about two of them... as these two actually gave me business cards. Gwen-Bell

This does not mean the rest of the women weren't just as fantastic - it just means, networking works that way, sometimes. A big shout out and thank you to Gwen for arranging the meet-up at 4580 - a really wonderful restaurant that I can't wait to go back to.

The woman I spent most of my time talking to was Casey Hibbard. I'm very impressed by her. Visit her site, Stories that Sell, and you will be, too. I have hopes of convincing her to write some blog posts here, so stay tuned. The things that I liked about her was her can-do attitude and her book. She is clearly someone who has the background and expertise to Casey_hibbard help the rest of us understand how to "turn satisfied customers into your most powerful sales & marketing asset"...

After Casey, I did manage to get Ed Donahue to chat a bit. "Ed" is really Erin Donahue - but Ed fits her to a T. She was bubbly and happy and enthusiastic about life, blogging, Wordpress, and Blogher. I'm always eager to talk with people who use Wordpress (since I don't, much) and Ed will be teaching a session on Wordpress at Blogher. Tom and I plan on attending - well, maybe Tom will. We will likely divide and conqueor at Blogher.

Speaking of Blogher - who else will be there? If you're planning to attend, let me know. We MUST meet up and get Face-to-Face! The two best conferences you should attend this year are Blogher and BlogPaws. Blogher if you're a woman looking for more information on blogging and women bloggers and BlogPaws if you're a blogger who loves pets!

See you there!


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Hi Melissa - I hope we get to meet IRL at Blogher. You will love it!

Hey, Janiss - you are the conference queen! I hope we get to meet again at Blogher. No doubt, we'll find a good many pet bloggers to share BlogPaws and writing and blogging stories with! Mwah!


Sounds like a great meet-up! I'll be at BlogHer '10 ... very much looking forward to it! (My first BlogHer conference.)


I'm going to BlogHer - in fact, I just attended a meetup of BlogHer conference attendees here in Los Angeles. It'll be my first time.

Two BlogPaws conferences, BlogHer in less than three weeks, and the Cat Writers Conference in November - this is a big conference year for me!

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