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Rachel Ray - Bad Fashion Advice

Yvonne-trans I'm watching Rachel Ray right now. She has her fashion expert on. This woman tons of bad fashion advice, IMHO.

Seriously, she says to throw out your scrunchies. Hello? Why? They're accessories, they work, and they look nice. So, apparently, the fashion police want us to start buying new hair tools - the good, old-fashioned headband is being touted. I cannot wear head-bands. They hurt my head and my ears. Scrunchies are staying in my house.

Next, she's saying we should throw away our white high heels. Hello? Because...they're white? Oh, please! I don't have any white high heels but I can think of dozens of events I'd love to wear a pair of white high heels, at. Instead, the fashion expert is showcasing some ugly beige heels. No, I mean UGLY!!! This woman has been on before and...I have yet to agree with any of her fashion ideas.

The next item she's advising women to throw out is...cutoff jeans. Come on! They're my jeans. If I want to cut them down into shorts, and wear them out, I will. Honestly, if they're acceptable as full-length jeans, why can't they be acceptable as shorts? Her example is for men... as if they need fashion advice, but truth is - cut off jeans are great for men. IMHONylon-hose

OMG! Now, they're dissing nude pantyhose!!! They prefer we slobber stupid tanning lotion on our legs! Honestly, I HATE tanning lotion. Never use it. Talk about looking unnatural! How can they think the lotion, which has to look different on different skin tones, is okay? Sorry...I'll stick to my pantyhose. My bare legs do not cut it. And, I know a LOT of other women's legs that still need pantyhose. Seriously. (ok, sometimes they're not very comfortable, but they make legs look better...few women can actually pull of running around bare-legged)

Last item they're advising us to get rid of are pleated pants. Okay... maybe. Pleated pants are not very comfy and the pleats are just annoying when you're sitting down. Take your pleated pants and give'em away. Or, iron the pleats out.

The fashion maven says to donate your bad items. Hello? Because the folks who shop at the thrift stores don't care how they look?

I'm done with this gal. She can give Rachel Ray fashion advice, but me... I'll do as I please. And, if people who see me on the street don't like it, they can look away.


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Condo Blues

The just say no to scrunchies reminds me of that scene in Sex in the City when Carries sees a woman wearing a scrunchie in her hair and says they are out, the wearer isn't a New Yoker and her Post it Note boyfriend disagrees. Turns out the woman was from the Midwest. I think scrunchies are great for little girls and exercise class. Might be that I had short hair during the big Scrunchie phase and am bitter about missing it :)

Instead of telling us that white heels are out (admittedly there are a lot of ugly white heels out there) how about showing a white alternative or design one of her own? There are times when you have to wear white heels. I think wearing beige heels with my white wedding dress would be a bigger fashion no no.

Yvonne DiVita

@MarySchmidt - yes, I heard about blue eyeshadow - interesting! Who, exactly, is going to wear it?

@SusanGetgood - you always look mawvelous to me!

@FriendlyMom - bare legs are okay for the beach or after hours; not for the office.. IMHO

@CarenGittleman - you always have that good eye! I wasn't much in touch w/Rachael Ray's first name...was worried about getting her last name right! Doh! As for the fashion maven - she's like movie and restaurant reviewers - her opinion is her opinion. I like to make my own mind up. And, if they're leaving out the best generation ever (OURS), what does THAT say about them???

caren gittleman

Now, now!! I saw the show that you are talking about (it was re-aired recently)...I have to say that I LOVE Greta Monahan (or however you spell it, I know I am misspelling her name but we are even because you misspelled "Rachael" Ray's name...and I am too lazy to check Greta's spelling right now.) I have to agree with Greta about the beige pumps (because I am 5ft 3 and rotund lol), are you tall? For a shorter woman I think it is supposed to make her legs appear longer.
I agree with you about the scrunchies, I feel naked without panty hose....BUT...and this is a big BUT (my big BUTT aside lol) Rachael's show demographics(in reference to her viewers) are women approx 45 and under...I am willing to bet many of those women are "all over" the bronzers, tanners, etc and wouldn't dream of wearing white heels. (I could be wrong!) I am 54 and there are times when I watch Rachael's show (which I LOVE!) that I feel like an outcast (I could care less about "The Situation"), maybe take the advice with a grain of salt because I don't think it is being directed at those of us that are from THE best generation EVER...(lol) the BABY BOOMERS!!!


This is too funny!

Friendly Mom

I thought *exactly* the same thing. Especially about the nude panty hose. Who are they kidding? Bare legs to work? Yuck. And the idea of slathering stinky bronzing lotion on my white legs every day, with all the fun of sitting around waiting for it to dry, getting it all over my clothes and furniture, just to have yellow-toned, streaky legs that supposedly look "better" than panty hose? Ha! What a joke!

Susan Getgood

I occasionally -- but rarely -- stray from my uniform. Black pants, turtleneck in winter, dressy t-shirt in summer, jacket or blousy jacket. Sometimes I wear tan pants or jeans.

I have a couple dresses and skirts that I wear for special occasions. And funerals.

I may never be IN fashion, but I'm never entirely out either and that is good enough for me. Because I really do not care.

Mary Schmidt

Fashion maven for today - totally out for tomorrow. Did ya hear blue eyeshadow is making a come-back?

(Me, I just wear pants...hate pantyhose and bare legs are so - well - bare, even if one has good ones.)

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