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Susan Getgood Gets It Right

Eyes on the world While I was at Blogher last month (was it last month or earlier this month? I'm fast losing track of time! How about you? Is summer really almost over?), I had the delightful opportunity to connect with my BFF Susan Getgood. Susan is one of the first woman bloggers I connected with, back in early 2004, that made me feel like I could accomplish something with this new online tool.Professiona-blogging-for-dummies

A hop, skip and jump forward and in 2010, she's till out there accomplishing big things. This woman is IT, folks. She just announced her new book called Professional Blogging for Dummies, published by Wiley. In an upfront disclaimer - I am acknowledged in the front of the book...for which I am over the moon! But, today, I want to recommend this book to any and all readers because Susan took the time to write a book that is as much a handbook on how to blog, as it is a book about the nuances of blogging professionally. Those, btw, are two different things. You'll learn what and how they are different, in the book. 

Here's the real scoop - I'm a professional blogger and consultant (scary to admit the consultant part cause consultants get so much flak about what they do), and this book is proving to be educational, even to me.

It's educational in the best sense. It has clear-cut information. It approaches the subject of blogging from a classroom, intructional perspective, but doesn't carry that "I'm the boss here" tone. Save me from Susan-getgood-facebook lectures on how to do it right. I want to know how to do it, period.  

As smart as I hope you think I am, I have to admit I don't know everything. I do know most of everything, however. Ok, I don't even know 'most' of everything. I know a lot. I know enough to know... a book like this is going to impact MY work, exponentially. So, as I read it, and do reports on it, over the next few weeks, tune in and join me. Get your own copy and let's talk about it.

We can have our own little book club on Lip-sticking - talking about social media, blogs, Facebook, etc. Tag you're it - get Susan's book, and on Tuesdays for awhile, let's talk... (check Susan out on Facebook, too)

August 31: Chapter One: Examining Blogging at the Professional Level.


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Susan Getgood

The feeling is entirely mutual, dear friend.

Your readers should also know that I list Lip-Sticking as one the 10 blogs you can learn from simply by reading in the Part of 10s at the end of the book. I'm delighted that you've decided to help them learn a little from my book! I can't think of a better tour guide.

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