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Ladies - open your wallets

The-world-is-women Over at PunditMom she's challenging the ladies, that's most of you and it's all of me, to a duel. No, not really. Not a duel. Something much more violent.

She's suggesting we don't like to put our money where our mouths are. We prefer chatting up issues at Starbucks, rather than sending our political candidates a few bucks to support the issues we're concerned about.

I can tell you that it may be true in politics, but it's not true in the world of pets. My ladies over at BlogPaws routinely open their wallets to support a good cause. Time and time again.

Here's the reason I'm sharing this -I'm so tired of political commercials from one party or another, from the man or woman trying to oust the man or woman already in office, spouting the same tired rhetoric. I'm so tired of the same old, same old, which is all we're getting, from all sides. Doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat or Tea-Party, or Independent or some title you thought up in your sleep last night. The thing is...promising to cut taxes and create jobs is senseless. If you're running for office, I want to know HOW you're going to cut taxes and WHAT jobs you're going to create. Hello? Anyone want to get specific? Just-a-cup-of-coffee(sorry about the misspelling of rhetoric... all fixed!)

At my end, I agree with PunditMom that we women have the power to create change, by supporting our candidate to win. To that end, PunditMom says we should cut back on the lattes (I don't drink'em so...easy for me...instead, I'll cut back on something else), and pony up a mere $27 for supporting our political candidate.

She quotes a line from a book she read recently that says, "...if every woman who voted in the 2006 elections had contributed just $27 to any presidential cadidate or party, we would pour $1.3 billion dollars into the political system." Hence, the graphic created by Lawyer Mama.

Yep, that's a gigantic B in how much WE women can contribute. So, I ask you...Are you in? I'm in. Let's show the country our power.

Hat's off to Susan Getgood for alerting me to the PunditMom post.


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