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My Heart Calls Out

I-love-baby The morning is soft, there is a murmur in the air. It's just my brain whispering to my heart.

For a moment or two, I lie beneath my comforter and watch the hazy morning light slip into the room around the edges of the gold drapes. Sunlight beams through, like tiny stars in a country sky. The room is cool. The dogs breathe quietly, not yet aware that I am awake.

It's time to rise and prepare. Today is the day the baby will come. We've waited so very long for her to be delivered. Through sun and rain, through warmth and chill. The seasons were uneventful as the baby grew and let us know she was eager to be part of our family. She made no move to come early, or even when we would have liked. She waited. Until now. So, today is Baby Day.

Slowly, I sit up and glance around the room. I hear the murmur again. I feel it as a sleepy cry, muffled down the hall. Words do not exist, although the sense of anticipation is full of words. "Now," is the word of the day. "Baby," closely follows. "We will become us," I am reminded.

"Are you ready, baby?" I whisper. The sound of my voice is rose petal soft, I am sure the dogs do not hear, but, of course, they do. They rise, shake the memory of chasing rabbits in their dreams from their bones, and amble on over to me. Cold, wet noses poke at my knees and brush my nightshirt. The dogs do not know the importance of the day. The dogs live only in the moment, eager for a walk.Baby-bassinet

"Soon," I smile at them, letting my feet touch the slippers on scattered beneath their paws on the wooden floor. I move to the door and try to stifle the creak it makes when I open it. The dogs rush out, headed for the door to the backyard. The morning light peeks over the fence. Wispy clouds stretch across blue sky.

I allow the night to slip away. I welcome the day and the wonderful new tomorrows it brings. Everything has changed. Nothing is the same. I touch my breast, feel the strong pulse, hear the question it is asking.

Across the miles, far, far newest granddaughter is being born. I am not there, and yet, I am.

My heart begins to sing a wondrous song, full of joy.The phone rings. It's time... Baby Frankie is coming!


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Rick Henkin

That is really beautiful. Well said.

Vanessa Vinos

Congratulations on your new grand-daughter. I hope you save this wonderful post to read to her when she is older ;-)

Kevin Burke


sybil stershic

Just beautiful, Yvonne, as I'm sure baby Frankie will be. And how lucky she is to be born into your family!

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