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Social Media is the topic of this week's WCEOhq Internet Radio Show. Please join us!

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 The use of podcasts and Internet radio shows have been growing in popularity this past year. In May I had the honor to be a guest on WCEOhq Radio, an interactive two-hour Internet radio show that you can listen live on Fridays from noon to 2 pm EST, or download the podcasts to listen to at your leisure.

WCEOhq-Logo-TMversion-sansThe show was launched in March of this year by a good friend and colleague of mine, Bruce Peters. Bruce is a co-host along with Diana Palotas, a former news anchor person, who together have been interviewing top business thought leaders and CEO's mostly from the Western NY community. Yvonne DiVita was actually the show's first guest which you can listen to her interview here.

WCEOhq is brought to you by The Washington Times which is on the WS Radio Network. WS stands for World Syndicated Radio and claims to be the largest independent Internet talk radio station in the world. It now has about 150 shows and growing all produced using professional broadcasting equipment.

This Friday I am going Social_Sweeps_Logo_Webto be back on the show as the lead guest for our social media themed show. I will again be talking about Social SweepsTM marketing, the integration of promotion and social media. Basically it involves developing a marketing program that includes an interactive promotion, such as a sweepstakes or contest, implemented through a social media platform(s) such as a Facebook page, on Twitter, off a website and/or blog that helps to generate awareness and buzz! You can listen to my first interview which I embedded into this blog post. Subway365

Next on the show is Michele Wood, a young professional who recently started her own social media consulting business, Fresh Designs Consulting. I met Michelle's mom, Cathy Wood, last year at the Women TIES Annual Retreat. Cathy owns two Subway franchise restaurants in Syracuse, NY and she told me that her daughter, Michelle, manages their social media sites and has become well known for growing their Facebook fan base, now up to almost 2.5 million. Check it out on Subway365. The Official U.S. Subway Facebook page currently has just over 1.5 million fans, so Michelle's about a million up on them. Listen in to hear Michelle tell us how she's done it.

The next guest will be Eric Majchrzak who is the Marketing Director for Freed, Maxick & Battaglia. I met Eric last year at SM2Day, a conference on social media held in Rochester with keynote speaker Chris Brogan. I was Freed-Maxick_Digital_Billboard really impressed with Eric when he shared with us how much he has done for the firm utilizing social media, a marketing tactic most financial firms still are not comfortable utilizing. Their firm recently launched a digital Facebook billboard with a community initiative. The billboard displays 'real-time' content from their Facebook page. They are utilizing the billboard to help raise awareness of local charitable and community-based organizations and their events. Listen to the show to hear Eric tell us how he got the firm to become so progressive.

SMC Then last, but not least, is Mark Frisk who is one of the founders of the Rochester Social Media Club  and also the Rochester Coffee Club. The Rochester Social Media Club is a local chapter affiliated with the worldwide organization. It has almost 500 members and hosts a meet-up once a month at a local restaurant which is mostly for networking with other like-minded individuals. I personally have met many people through this group that I have become friends and associates with. Mark originally helped to launch the digital marketing practice at Ogilvy & Mather in Manhattan and today lives here in Rochester and runs his own consultancy business. Mark has year's of agency experience to draw from, so be sure not to miss his talk. 

It's really going to be a great show. If you listen live you can also call in or tweet in a question. Just use #WCEO if you want ask a question or just to follow the conversation along on Twitter. Bruce will be watching the tweets from his iPad! If you can't make it live just come back to and download the archived podcasts on to your computer or use iTunes for your iPod. Hope you enjoy the show and please let give me your feedback.

BTW - I'm preparing a tip sheet for all guests and sponsors to give them advice on how to use their appearance on the show, before and after, to promote themselves and their business. Any interesting ideas you have on utilizing and promoting podcasts would be very appreciated.



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Social Media has become a popular topic. Internet radio shows and using podcast has been getting a lot of attention from everyone. I think this trend will continue because it works.

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