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Views from the 13th Floor: Conversations with my mentor by Alexia Isaak

View-from-the-13th-floor-cover I'm pretty excited about the latest WME book being released next month. So much so that I had to share it with everyone now! When Alexia (pronounced: Al-x-eea) contacted me with a book idea, we had a long conversation about the type of book she was writing and the audience. I was quickly convinced that Alexia's book was a perfect fit for us.

Views from the 13th Floor: Conversations with my mentor is a book about life. And business. And how to manage both, as a woman. The stories are told first person by Alexia Isaak, conveying the conversations she had with Rhonda Shasteen, an executive in a international beauty company, when Ms. Shasteen was Alexia's mentor. As such, Ms. Shasteen guided Alexia through the forest of corporate politics, through dealing with the "good old boys' club," through the ups and downs of being a woman in a man's world, all the while managing to succeed.

I've talked with Rhonda, myself, a number of times. She's both inspirational and practical, full of wisdom gathered over her life as an executive at Mary Kay - surely one of the largest beauty companies in the world. To be able to listen to Alexia share the insight Rhonda offered, in this book, over a mere 171 pages, is truly remarkable. Both of these women have helped create a guide for all women - young women just starting out and women of a certain age, either contemplating a change in life, or hoping to move up the corporate ladder.

As I worked on this book with Alexia, I learned so much more than I expected to learn. The many challenges of running a business are not that far different than the many challenges of being part of a team within a business. Rhonda's focus on excellence and achievement really struck home, for me. Alexia's willingness to share stories of confusion within the roles she's played at various jobs, reminded me of days gone by. The book truly gave me many thoughtful moments. In retrospect, I realize that Alexia's experiences are universal - women everywhere will relate to them. Rhonda's advice in response to the dozens of questions from her mentee, will help everyone who reads this book. Together, these two women - one learning the business ropes, and one sharing the positive, respectful, and focused way she climbed to those "views on the 13th floor" where her office was - have written a map to success. One all women can read and follow.Alexias-views-blog

I couldn't write a post about a book, or an author, without asking for a quote.

Here's what Alexia Isaak said, about writing this book: "Working on this book has been rewarding not only through the things I've learned in revisiting my conversations with Rhonda, but also through the challenges the creative process presented.  Fortunately I had a wonderful editor in Yvonne, who stretched me to bring out the best I had in me as a writer.  WME has been a wonderful collaborator through the editing and designing process and especially through teaching me the business of writing and marketing a book."

I hope you'll visit her blog also: Alexia's Views.

Get your copy early - and feel free to share. It's in the sharing that we all learn how to be the best that we can be.


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Rhonda Shasteen

I'm so excited to see Alexia's book come to life; first, because it's proof to her that when you have a dream in your heart, believe you can achieve it, and work diligently in the direction of that dream, it will come to pass, and second because I know it will be a great resource for so many women who are looking for career insights. I see so many women today who put themselves on the back burner, taking little or no time to "feed" themselves emotionally and intellectually, instead spending most of their time and energy "feeding" others. At the same time, I see it is when they are growing, learning new things and being challenged in new ways they seem to be happiest and most fulfilled. Just like Alexia has done, I encourage women to seek out a variety of resources that will help fuel that growth -- read books, observe others and find a mentor for yourself. It's always better to be a "glad I did" than a "wish I had"!

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