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Are you an expert? If you are, then talk about it!

Guest post by Robbi Hess

Let's not call this an, "I've written a what?" redux, let's call it, "You must have something to talk about..."

Okay so I recently read a question posed in one of the online groups that I belong to which I will remain vague about so as not to embarass the person who wrote it. They basically wanted to know the answer to how they can promote their book and get book signings at places other than the local library.

Feder027_thoschi Before I go to far, remember, you should be promoting your book -- especially if it's nonfiction -- before it's even written. Many individuals who write books have been out there "promoting" it and themselves long before they put fingers to keyboard. They've spoken at Chamber of Commerce lunches, been guest speakers at seminars, are members of speakers' bureaus, etc. What are they speaking about? Their book! Yes, they've been pulling bits and pieces out of the pages of the book they will eventually write and they've been promoting themselves as an expert.

Whether you're a master knitter, dog groomer to the stars or a superb sales person, if you know it, practice it, and excel at it -- you ARE an expert. That said, now that you know you're an expert and you've written your book how can you get it in the hands of readers?

Regardless of the topic on which you've written, there is likely an organization, trade group or seminar focused around that topic. You should also be a member of trade groups where you will have access to an audience of your peers who would likley welcome the knowledge your book has to offer. Truly, once you've written a book you have sky rocketed your standing in the eyes of your peers -- mainly because you took the time and had the talent to put your expertise to words in a tangible format -- a book.

So, before you've written your book get out there and start promoting it. If you have the book almost written then tease your audience with the fact of, "I have a book coming out soon, sign up for my newsletter (yes you should be writing a newsletter) and you'll be the first to know when it's released."

Take a few minutes to research your area of expertise then get out there and talk about it!



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