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Everything is STILL Changing

By Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

Bloom-600 I finally got around to reading Gail Collins's, When Everything Changed;  The Amazing Journey  of American Women From 1960 to Present

Ms. Collins is one of my favorite writers - she's droll, intelligent and can make a very sharp point without getting bloody.  As Slate noted in the review last year, the book "fills a major gap on the big shelf of books about modern feminism. Crammed with works for specialists, scholars, activists, and enthusiasts, that shelf has lacked, up until now, one book that captures the sweep of the whole story for the general reader."

It's also a fun read and a good reality check for all of us. The narrative moves right along - with real-life examples and humorous asides.  There was a time - not so long ago - when women would get sent home to change if they had the audacity to wear pants...when want ads were separated into "jobs for women" and "jobs for men"...and stewardesses were expected to act as geishas on all-male flights.   

Glee We've made progress but long-term change takes - um - a long time. American women are still way down the list of countries when it comes to pretty much any survey of women's equality. 

We're still typically the assumed (and unpaid) care-giver to family and aged parents.

We're still paid less in many cases for the same work. 

We still aren't accorded the same level of coverage in health care. (Viagra? Sure, it's covered!  Mammograms and pre-natal care? Nuh-uh.)

We still end up being the half-undressed sexual objects clinging to our fully clothed male co-stars on magazine covers.  (Sure, in the larger scheme of things, no big.  The Glee actresses made the choice...but...really?)

But enough already.  I"m not whining. Really.  This started out as a reading recommendation. I've been very fortunate in my life and career - paid equally for equal work, never been turned down for credit because of my sex, and I wear pants wherever and whenever I want.  (I do, however, remember those segregated want ads as well job interviews where I was asked if I planned on getting pregnant or had ever had an abortion.)

If you're not already a fan of Ms. Collins, you should check out her weekly columns and her blog posts, such as her online discussion re Mama Grizzlies with Stacy Schiff, the author of the new bio “Cleopatra: A Life.” (which is on my reading list.)







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Mary Schmidt

I can't be 110% positive; however, I typically had access to pay scale info (particularly as I was promoted) and also was never shy about asking for money.

As a biz consultant, I set my rates based on market (which includes male consultants). So, it's very easy to track that.

Vee Sweeney

You state that you have never been paid less etc for a job because you are a woman, but coming from another woman, how do you know for sure? I am a strong advocate for women's rights in the workplace and equal pay, but you are correct when you say that things still need to change. I hear horror stories all of the time of things that employers should never be able to get away with and I have had some of those experiences myself.

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