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It's All In Your Mind

Contemplating-the-world I was reading this article online, "It's Only a Stupid Idea Until it Makes a Million Dollars" and I got to thinking... ideas are a dime a dozen. Ideas are the things that keep us up all night. Ideas ARE stupid until they provide a return on your investment.

Which means, everything we do is...all in our minds! Seriously. Back in the day, the phrase, "It's all in your mind," was uttered by Drs usually to women who were complaining of aches and pains. I know this because I was one of those women and I got mighty tired of Dr after Dr telling me it was all in my mind.

As I read the stories of a number of innovative folks who went ahead with the stupid ideas in their minds, and made successes out of them, I realized that the old slogan created for the United Negro College Fund, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," is so, so true.

YOUR MIND is what propels you, each and every day. YOUR MIND is in charge of getting out of bed, eating breakfast, battling rush hour traffic, answering the phone, and every other thing you do. Your mind is far more important than you probably give it credit for. Your mind will steer you right, if you take time to listen to it.

I have, lately, begun taking some time out of every day to listen to myself. To my thoughts. To my worries. To my dreams. Some might call that meditation, I call it communicating with myself. I ask myself questions (why did you say you were going to get up every day this week at six? are you crazy?)... and I answer the questions (because it's a good idea, that's why; because I SHOULD get up at six every day).Gazing-beyond-today

These conversations often veer off into bright spots beyond the universe. The places of dreams. Sunny, warm, bright, colorful, happy, cheerful, with laughter and delight sparkling all around me. My dreams don't change much. Some days I'm so close, I can feel the silky smoothness of them. Some days, I feel so far away, the brightness and sunshine are hidden by dark clouds. Every day, every day I take time to dream, I know that I'm using the talents given to me at birth to make my life worthwhile.

I use my mind to make things happen in my life. I use my mind to understand why things might not be going my way, today. I use my mind to remind myself that my dreams are my own, and I must be the one to make them come true.

So, yes. It's all in your mind. The good. The bad. The not so good. The no so bad. Your mind processes everything - and offers solutions, and it's up to you to pay attention.


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Rick Henkin

You're absolutely right, it is all in our mind. We make the decision every moment as to how we react to the things around us.

That's why some see themselves as victims and under the same circumstances, others don't.

Easier said than done, but if you want to change your world, change your point of view.

To me, that's what free will is about.

Gretchen Seefried

First of all, love that photo of the determined little girl! My mind is my best friend, worst enemy. Too many ideas, too little time. But you are so right about no one thinking its a good idea until it works! Wonder what the other cavemen thought of rubbing 2 sticks together?

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