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Social media marketing was the topic this morning at a breakfast event I attended hosted by our local Rochester Chapter of the American Marketing Association (RAMA). The room was pretty full and the attendees were very eager to hear this morning's four guest panelists, all members of the Kodak online marketing team. What was unique about this event is that while each of our Kodak representatives are frequent speakers at conferences and workshops,  it was the very first time all four of them had been on TomHoehnstage together. So it was a treat for the Rochester audience.

Tom Hoehn, Director Interactive Marketing and Convergence Media, started off the discussion saying that marketing via social media helps Kodak drive value for its customers. It has given them new platforms to amplify their messages and go where the customers are, instead of waiting for them to come to Kodak. He shared what Kodak calls it's "Rip Curl" strategy, using the energy of the social media swirl. In other words, staying proactive by creating lots of great content while also being reactive through constant listening, monitoring and feedback.

BethLaPierreThis lead right to Beth LaPierre, Kodak's Chief Listening Officer and newest member of the team, who shared with us her dashboard that she using to help monitor the conversations. She takes some of the customer insights and channels them to the right person within Kodak so that they can respond properly. Customer comments are utilized in the development of new products and upgrades to existing products. Her job is also to report the ROI that their social media programs are creating. They've developed the Social Intelligence Life Cycle which ties the conversations from the various platforms back to store visits and eventually sales.

Jenny_Cisney My friend and fellow blogger, Jenny Cisney, Kodak's Chief Blogger and Social Media Manager. spoke next. Jenny has been blogging for almost 10 years, which takes us back to the beginning of what we now refer to as social media. Jenny reviewed with us the five basic steps to social media marketing.

1. Have a plan. Develop your strategy, set your goals, define your auidence and stick to a schedule.

2. Create great content. Jenny started on Kodak's blog, A Thousand Words, in which they now have employees and guest bloggers contributing on a daily basis.

3. Be transparent. This is advice I repeat constantly. When on a social media platform, clearly communicate who you are and be real. If you're representing a company, state it. Abide by the company's social media policy (yes, all businesses should now have one) as well as the FTC's endorsement guidelines. And don't edit out negative comments. Instead address them head on and use the opportunity to make it positive.

4. Use your best assets which are your employees and fans. Invite them to be guest bloggers. Bring along some customers to an industry event so they can share the experience with their community.

Kodak_So5. Work with your PR group and marketing teams. Social media helps you amplify what you are doing with traditional media, so plug it in and integrate it.

Kodak recently launched a major new advertising campaign called "So Kodak" which is targeted at a new audience for them; younger, socially connected customers. The theme came about by listening in which they heard this group using the words "So Kodak" to define their look or their moment, in a rap-talking style. So Kodak brought on board recording artists Rihanna, Drake, Trey Songz and Pitbull as spokespersons. These celebrities are helping to spread the word for Kodak through their communities and the campaign provides Kodak with great content to share through it's own.

Brian_Nizinsky Brian Nizinsky, Manager of Online Marketing in Kodak's Graphic Communications group spoke next about B2B marketing via social media. He first shared a funny cartoon that helped to communicate that social media is definitely not just a strategy for B2C businesses. Wish I had a copy of it to show you, but basically it's what many B2B professionals not too familiar with social media say when first speaking about it.

Kodak's main B2B platforms include a blog,, a YouTube channel, Kodak B2B and Twitter @Kodakidigprint. Brian told us a story that happened last year when an ex-Kodak employee started spreading rumors online that Kodak was getting out of the printer business claiming they were shutting down the plant and laying off all the employees working on the Kodak Prinergy Workflow System. If you Google "Is Prinergy Dead" you will find some of these postings. So Kodak engaged in the conversation to stop the rumors from spreading further.

To sum up the morning Tom took the mike back and left us with these social media marketing words of wisdom:  Listen - Engage - Be Real - Measure - Iterate.

Thanks to the Kodak team and RAMA for a great event.


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